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Radon Testing Boise Idaho

Why do we need radon testing?

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Did you know that every country in Idaho has high levels of radon? If we take an average as calculated by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United State Of America, around 40% of the homes in Idaho have more than 4pCi/l levels of radon which is a very alarming factor as radon is known to affect human health badly. Through Radon Testing Boise Idaho can be saved from the hazards that radon poses to the health of the locals. Some stats to show you how the state of Idaho is exposed to high levels of radon and how it is alarming.

  • 68% of the houses in Coeur d’Alene
  • 61% of the houses in the Ketchum area
  • 50% of the houses in Pocatello
  • 36% of the houses in Boise

From the stats, we can see that Boise is not safe and if you are a local, you need to get radon testing done as soon as possible to get rid of high levels of radon.

How does radon affect health?

The fact that radon is a radioactive gas is enough to know that it is harmful to health. It is basically produced by the decomposition of uranium present in the soil. Uranium is converted into radium which is further broken down into our silent killer i.e. radon. As this gas decays, it gets converted into small radioactive particles that get entrapped into your lungs when you breathe in the air contaminated with high levels of radon. These small radioactive particles continue to decay inside your lungs and small bursts of energy are released which damage the lung tissues and in the long run becomes the cause of lung cancer. According to the Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America, Radon is responsible for around 21000 deaths every year in the United States of America.

How can we find high levels of radon?

The nature of this gas is inert. We cannot see, feel taste, smell, or detect it naturally in any way hence it is important to conduct a radon test to be sure about the amounts of radon inside your house. The safe amount of radon is less than 4 pCi/l and if your house has more than this amount of radon this means that the respiratory health of your family members is in grave danger.

We can find high levels of radon through two types of tests:

1. Short-term radon test

2. Long-term radon test

Short-term radon test takes around three to seven days to be completed and provides a quick radon value over this period.

On the other hand, the long-term radon test provides a better estimate of the amount of radon present in the house. The duration of this test is variable. It can take around three months to even a year and the test equipment is placed in the least livable area of the house to provide a better reading.

Which is the best weather to test for radon?

The best weather to test for radon is winter, especially when you are conducting a short-term radon test.

Best place to test?

The lowest livable areas like the basement of the house are the place where you should conduct a radon test for an accurate reading free from any disturbances.

Now that we have all the basic information regarding radon, its hazards i.e. the bad effects on health and the methods through which it can be tested, another very common concern of the citizens was to conduct the radon test themselves or to hire someone to do the job for them.

DIY tests vs a professional inspection?

In today’s world, everything is available in the market and similarly, many radon tests are available as well for minimal rates which many consumers buy and conduct the radon tests themselves but the bottom line is that matters like these are sensitive and need to be dealt with accordingly.

It is recommended from our side to always go for a professional home inspector or home inspection company to conduct this inspection for you so you will be completely satisfied that the results generated are authentic and there is not a hint of doubt but when you conduct it yourself and you are no expert, mistakes are bound to happen which can tamper the results unknowingly.

What happens in a radon inspection?

If you have finally decided to get a radon inspection done, it is important to know what to expect from it and how the whole process goes. When you finalize a home inspection company you should keep a few things in mind. It should have a:

  1. Good market image
  2. Good reviews
  3. Customer testimonials
  4. A considerable number of paid jobs
  5. Certifications
  6. Experienced inspectors

All of these points hold equal importance. The company you are selecting to do this job for you will charge a few hundred dollars hence it is important to know that they have developed a good market image for themselves. Always keep an eye on the reviews that their customers have provided along with the testimonials that their customers have provided which will let you know about the quality of work they have delivered before. Not just this, it is also a very important factor that the good reviews were from the paid jobs which mean that the customers who are posting good reviews about them should have paid for the services and we're happy about the investment they did. The home inspectors of the respective company should be experienced at least for a few years in the market and the company should be certified as well to know that the safety of your hand is in testified hands. For a Certified home inspection Boise has many options in the market for you so start your research today and find the best for your home.

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