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Rail Road Vehicle Manufacturers Helping the Development of Railway Projects in India

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A rail road vehicle is a type of an automobile that operates both on conventional road and rail tracks. These vehicles are also known as hi rail, taken from the terms railway and highway. They are convertible road vehicles and maintain their normal wheels with rubber tires. They are fitted with additional flanged steel wheels to facilitate running on the rails. The propulsion mechanism of the vehicle is through conventional tires. The flanged wheels are free rolling and the rail wheels can either be lowered or raised as desired.

Purpose of using railroad vehicles:

Rail road vehicles have extensive usage in a number of projects of national significance, such as-

  • Railroad vehicles are used in overhead electrification
  • These vehicles are good to use in flash butt welding
  • With the help of auger mounted on RRV, it is good to use in mast foundation.
  • With the help of crane mounted on the rail road vehicle, they are of best use in the mast erection process
  • They are used in ballasting, in railway line inspection and in shunting.

These railroad vehicles are of extensive in the construction of metro rail projects, in the construction of dedicated freight corridors and in a number of railway construction and repair projects in the country.

From track to the road and back again:

The road rail vehicles are of extensive use in modern times and they serve as an optimal solution for all light shunting operations up to 300 tons. The vehicle is radio controlled and can easily and quickly change from track to road and vice versa with the help of its battery powered electric drive. The shunting of its wagons in the outdoors and at closed storage and production areas are also made easy because of their battery powered electric drive.

The vehicle has extremely high manoeuvrability owing to their smart steering concept. The vehicles also feature optimum traction and intelligent drive technology and the road rail vehicle is easy and safe to use in all manoeuvring operations. It also supports one-man operation with the help of its joystick remote controls. The hydraulic system of these vehicles ensures that the track guide units readjust automatically and to compensate for each other. Its steering can be locked hydraulically for the required stability on the rail. Its solid rubber tires also help ion optimum traction which is additionally supported by the high self-weight of 4.5 tons.

Best rail road manufacturers:

There are a number of best road rail vehicle manufacturers in India who get the construction of metro rail and other heavy automotive work possible with this easy to use the vehicle. Premnath rail is one of the premium manufacturers of mechanically operated rail road vehicle in India.  The purpose of the manufacture is to inspect the railway lines. They completed the construction of their completed automated and hydraulically operated rail road truck in the year 2011. They have more than 7 years’ experience in the market and have delivered more than 10 successful RRVs with the top railway contractors in India, including L&T, Siemens and Rail tech India.

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