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Reasons For Choosing Power-pact React Native For App Development

Would you ever imagine building a mobile app in like 10 days for both, Android and iOS? It would definitely like a pipedream but wait…..

Yes! These techie’s, Austin Hale and Connor Maddox really made it possible. You would be surprised to know that they are not Javascript wizards but still were able to build a cross-platform app.

It involved rigorous knowledge, dedication and an incredibly good time to launch the app in 10 days. Excited to know which technology did they use?

React Native it was! Though shining out in the mobile app arena, this framework is still in its 0.59.5 version. Since it is based on Facebook’s front-end library called ReactJS, it shares many similar concepts.

React Native uses virtual DOM which acts masks the real DOM. Any elemental changes are shown by the real DOM via virtual DOM using a node corresponding to each element.

React Native uses RCTBridgeModule to build a bridge between native code and Javascript code. It is basically the technology that helps to build a branding app. Popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Tesla and many more which makes use of React Native.

Top React Native app development company brings an end to the on going myth, “more the code, more efficient you become”. React Native allows developers to use package managers and lock files for writing the code once but using it multiple times.

React Native has great potential to develop exclusive mobile applications. But before you take the next step into building gigantic projects, you need to dip your toes deep into the learning the complexities of the framework.

The apps built using React framework are much different from the native android app development but are able to deliver the same level of experience.

The framework has earned huge popularity and acceptance from the community for some extra-ordinary reasons. Let's explore which are they:

Cross-platform compatibility:

In today’s modernizing world, any app developed should have the potential to run seamlessly on Android and iOS. Initially, React was developed to support iOS but with time the service was extended to support Android also.

You can develop feature-rich apps using a single code that runs across the cross-platform. But for the cases where you need to implement any customization or functionality, design implications may vary depending on the platform.

For situations like this, you can make use of the platform modules and extension which allows the developers to know what specific cases are to be used.

Such platform-specific modules help developers in identifying platform specific implementation and extensions help them with defining files that will work on that particular platform.

Fast development cycles:

This is the key feature that has drawn the maximum attention from the developers. In comparison with the other frameworks, React Native has the highest capability of speeding up the development process.

The platform is lucky enough to attract some of the best and passionate niche React Native developers who are always on toes to resolve any issues.

Developers further can ease out the process by using Redux tool which allows them to create one shared layer for both Android and iOS.

This also mitigates the chances of failures and drastically reduce the development time.

The facility of Live updates and Code push:

Isn’t it amazing to directly push the updates to the user’s phone without going through the entire cycle of app store update?

This is one of the significant advantages the React Native platform offers the developers. Approval for Live updates on iOS may take some time but it’s all on the user to update all their apps in a go and no more deal with the older versions.

CodePush SDK gets integrated with the React app efficiently and allows the developers to push updates on the app. Limitation of this feature is, you can only update Javascript files and related assets.

Delivers experience similar to apps developed using Native:

React along with Javascript has the power to run even complex apps hassle-free. Javascript alone may be slower in comparison to the native languages but the duo helps apps to run better than the native apps.

There is no hindrance to the front-end UI in case of any heavy compilations because the JS code runs on its own thread.

The UI building blocks are the similarity between a natively developed app and React app. Both the apps are capable of delivering the same experience just with different languages. One uses only Javascript while the later uses Javascript along with React.

A better development environment:

The hot reloading features are the hot favorite feature among the developers. It instantly refreshes any changes made in the UI and reloads it without taking much time.

The code once built can be reused again which thus removes the mundane task of rebuilding and deploying.
React Native framework uses Flexbox which allows developing code for both Android and iOS.

Excellent data binding:

Along with the easy coding facility, React native allows developers to bind the components and helps in tracking the changes made in the data segment.


It is a combination of XML and Javascript and the syntax resembles HTML closely. It also makes building blocks which makes React Native much easier.

React Native app can make a distinction in the field of mobile app development. The framework comes with great documentation which helps developers with the coding.

But if you are a novice to app development then hiring React Native app development services is highly advisable.

An expert who is well-versed with the framework can provide you some of the best approaches for the app development.

The tech arena is getting highly innovative and competitive and there is no space for the businesses not to go mobile and drive the maximum traffic. After all, apps are the only tool where maximum conversion happens.

You need to think out of the box apart from native mobile app development and adopt new technology that flourishes your business.

React Native helps in building feature-rich, responsive apps with a good level of user engagement.

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