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React Native vs Native: Which is best for mobile app development?

As the world is moving towards digitalization, competition is increasing in between the new technologies. Customers' demand for creative mobile app development is increasing in this digital world. As clients want better and convenient ways for the growth and success of their business. Developers, even prominent mobile app development companies, are also constantly thinking of different and creative ways to develop mobile apps. 


Consequently, there are two ways that are highly popular for mobile app development nowadays. React Native development for cross-platform app development and native development for platform-specific apps. The development cost for both the platforms also matters in their selection from any business owner as the cost to hire react developer is considerably lower as compared to hiring developers for native platforms separately. 


In addition to this, there are other factors as well which plays a vital role in selection of a particular approach for mobile app development. advantages and disadvantages, app specific requirements, budget, schedule, etc. 


Likewise, if any business owner is tight on budget and schedule, React Native is a good option as it offers code reusability, cross-platform accessibility and an extended user base. On the other hand, well-established organizations with great funds and time can go with Native development that is platform-specific, performance-oriented and targets a limited user base.  


In these unprecedented times when money-saving is vital, businesses are making ways towards React Native app development for apps with cross-platform accessibility and increased target audience. As it saves lots of valuable time and money. 


If you are one of such startups, entrepreneurs or small scale business and want to develop a cross-platform app using React Native development. You need to hire a top cross-platform app development company that can hand over you a quality product at pocket-friendly pricing. 


Besides, you will get to know other factors and obviously go through a comprehensive comparison between the React Native and Native development to ensure which approach is best for your project. Let’s start with. 


React Native Apps


React Native framework is a ‘Hybrid Network’ which is written in Javascript and you can use it on different platforms. Therefore, it has a single code-base so that you can use this on multiple platforms without changing the coding. It provides you with quick and convenient ways to share the coding on various platforms like Android, web, and iOS.



  • You can use the single code-base on multiple platforms. It will provide developers with the time to write single code for both platforms android and iOS.

  • The cost to hire react developer is also very low as developers do not need to make different codebases for multiple platforms.. 

  • The maximum part of React Native is based on the Javascript framework. Therefore, its adaptation becomes easy for the developers to become mobile app developers from the web app developers.

  • As it is an open-source network anyone can examine the code. Moreover, as it is open-source it is consistent with other platforms like windows, etc.

  • It's hot-reloading option makes it easier for anyone to outlook the changes they are making in the app.



  • A massive demerit of React Native is that it will not permit the mobile apps to use the endemic component of the device like camera, voice recorder, etc.

  • To make use of the native information by the third party, the federation must be made in the native segment. Therefore, this process will increase the attempt in the development.

  • As the update on React Native is there it will not allow the use of all the APIs. For example, React native gives updates like using the flipper debugging tool for the new version 0.62 then also it does not have permission to use all the APIs.


Native Framework

The native framework allows you to use the same coding on a single platform only. You cannot reuse the coding on various platforms as in React Native. However, apps made by using native development can get entranced by the users from google play or the app store. If you are thinking of creating an app for iOS developers have to use the Objective-C or Swift language.


  • Native app development allows the use of all the APIs and their performance.

  • Native app development allows third-party libraries to get the information.

  • When we talk about stability both the languages Swift and Kotlin are vigorous. Because it will disclose all the errors which are unseen in the code. This strongness in the language lets the app development company or entrepreneurs think about building an app using Native app development.


  • It's one of the major drawbacks and not preferred by many of the businessmen. Because they have to invest in both android app development and iOS app development.

  • As both the platforms need different coding it requires a lot of time and cost. Therefore, developers need to invest too much time and effort into building new apps.


React Native



Single code is written for all the platforms. You can reuse the same coding for the android and iOS platforms. Therefore, it leads to saving the time and effort of the developers.

Different coding is necessary for the different platforms which requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, developers have to create the code individually for the android and iOS platforms which consume time.


React Native will reduce the cost of the app development by 30-35%.

Increases the cost.

3.UI/UX design

UI/UX level is hard to match for both android and iOS. However, the same coding for different platforms leads to complex sight, navigation figures, animations, etc.

Gives a higher user experience.







6.Programming language

Javascript programming language is used which has many escape-clauses and poor declarations. 

OOPs oriented language and other programming languages like Java, Kotlin, and swift are taken into use for the app development.

7.Long term possibility

It cannot give the priority to the update which makes it asynchronous with google and apple. Therefore, there is no security of how long the support will carry on.

Native platforms have the support of Google and Apple. Therefore, implementation of any issue or any function is easy, solves errors, and updates are launched timely without affecting the serviceability.

8.Support of third parties

Can use only a few APIs.

Can use APIs directly


Less Secure

More secure





Conclusion Thoughts:-


Both React Native and Native platforms have their pros and cons. Other than this, you have gone through a comparison between both the approaches. I am sure that till now you have made your mind to select an appropriate strategy according to your project requirements. Still, having doubt or confusion in choosing the best app development approach, you need to choose the best mobile app development company in India that not only resolves your queries regarding app development but also will hand over a quality product that stands out on your requirements within budget. 


Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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