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Reactive Maintenance Strategy Vs Proactive Maintenance Strategy of (Plattenwarmeubertrager) Plate Heat Exchangers

Most of the plate heat exchangers are especially designed for heavy duty and can manage a lot of work without any mechanical issues. No matter how capable is your machine for performing heavy workloads, all these machines need proper handling and smooth operations to keep performing in an efficient manner. If you plate heat exchanger has broken plates it might not work efficiently at all and harm the manufacturing process and if they are not checked in time they can do permanent damage to other parts of the machine.

If the machines like ( plattenwärmeübertrager) plate heat exchangers are not checked in time for malfunctioning they can affect your business negatively as you will not be able to produce the products and you will have to spend a lot of money for the repair of your plate heat exchangers. If the machines are not repaired in time they may lead to heavy losses to your business.

The following are some of the important questions that you might need to think about when maintaining plate heat exchangers being used in your business.

As it is a famous quote about human health that prevention is better than cure, same applies to the machines and the first question that should come to your mind is:-

  • Is it better to get the machine repaired as soon as the problem arises or is it better to maintain it properly so that the problem does not arise in eth very first place?
  • When the plate heat exchangers goes out of order is it fair enough to tackle it in-house or should you hire the costly services of qualified experts for it?
  • If some important parts of the plate heat exchanger machines need to be changed should I go for non-branded ones or I should stick to the brand?

The solution to all these questions lies in the finances the company is willing to provide for the repair and maintenance of its faulty machinery. The repair of the machines depends upon the choice that the company makes about low cost maintenance or pricy maintenance. It is the duty of your company to look at its budget and decide about either the regular maintenance or repair after breakdown of the machinery accordingly.

Most of the big names in the industry either practice reactive maintenance strategy or pro-active maintenance strategy. The reactive strategy is followed by the companies that are short of resources both in term of finances and man-power, by following this strategy they are able to save their time as well as money. The pro-active maintenance strategy is followed by the firms for whom there is no financial issue and they have team of experts that take care of regular maintenance of the machinery used in the production. The big companies hire the teams of mechanical experts that make sure that the machinery runs smoothly and is always in optimum condition. The pro-active behavior keeps the problems from arising and surely is more beneficial than the reactive maintenance strategy. This may need a little bit of investment but it protects the companies from heavy losses that occur in case of low production due to faulty machines and the replacement of machine parts that are too costly.

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