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Read these 14 symptoms of kidney failure

Our kidneys are in the middle of the body near the waist. This limb is equal to a fist. There are two kidneys in our body. Even if a kidney is completely damaged, the body keeps going.

20 percent of the blood pumped by the heart goes to the kidney, where this blood gets cleaned and goes back into the body. In this way, the kidneys cleanse our blood and excrete all the toxins from the body through urine.

Poor lifestyle and sometimes medications cause a bad effect on the kidney. The worst thing about kidney disease is that it is not known in the first stage.

When it goes into its final state, then it is known, hence it is called silent killer. Therefore, to understand the first stage of kidney disease, it is important to find out about its symptoms.

Other symptoms of kidney failure are seen after 80% of its failure.

These 14 symptoms of kidney failure:

1. Changes in the quantity and timing of urination: In the first stage of kidney disease, the quantity and timing of urine starts changing. Changes in the work of the urinary.

2. Increased or reduced urine volume: The amount of urine either increases or decreases.

3. Changing color of urine: The color of urine becomes thick or changes in color.

4. Feeling of frequent urination: When you start to feel frequent urination, but not having it affects your kidney.

5. Frequent urination or increased volume: The amount of urination at night either increases or decreases. Waking up repeatedly at night to go to urinate. Kidney is the most common and predominant symptom of being unhealthy.

6. Feeling pain while urinating: When you feel pain and pressure while urinating, then it should be understood that there has been an infection in the urinary tract.

7. Feeling of burning sensation while urinating: Sometimes in such condition, fever or urinary tract irritation starts to occur. Sometimes back pain is also involved in other symptoms.

8. Blood flow while urinating: When blood starts coming in the urine, then consult a doctor without thinking for a minute because it is a sure sign of kidney failure.

9. Urination like foam. After urinating, when it starts to develop like foam then these are the first signs of kidney failure.

10. Kidney inflammation: The main function of the kidney is to flush out the toxins from the body, but when this activity starts getting interrupted, then the excess fluid starts to accumulate in the body.

Due to kidney failure, excess water and salt is not removed from the body. As a result, there is swelling in the feet, ankle, hands and face, this condition is called edema.

11. Excess tiredness and weakness: Kidney produces a protein called atroprotein (erythropoietin), which helps to bring oxygen to red blood cells.

When this activity is interrupted then the level of this hormone drops. Due to which anemia occurs, which causes weakness and fatigue in the body.

12. Irritability and decrease in concentration: Due to kidney disease, there is a lack of oxygen in the brain, due to which irritability and concentration decrease.

13. Feeling cold all the time: Anemia caused due to kidney disease makes one feel cold even in hot environment.

14: Skin rashes and itching: Although these symptoms are symptoms of diseases in many ways, but due to the formation of toxins in the body due to kidney failure, the rashes and itching starts on the skin.

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