Read This Before Starting Website Design


If you really want to be positioned among the first in Google and search engines, be relevant to your visitors and make them customers, you need a website design Dubai that meets certain standards and trends and this is achieved by designing your website with STRATEGY .

What do we mean by strategy? In creating a site based on supported data, based on analysis of the competition, the market and the consumer, in knowing how the internet works, search engines and new opportunities . When you do not take these types of factors into account, it is when you get websites that can be very visually beautiful but do not appear anywhere on the network, do not generate prospects and are not updated frequently.

Investing in a website design Dubai that does not generate traffic, sales or positioning is to start on the wrong foot. Sounds difficult? Well, it is easier than you think so far.

Knowing how to design a website from scratch is easier than you think and it really makes sense. Here we share some topics that will serve as tips for you to structure your website design so that it is not just an adornment website but a friendly tool for your customers, search engines and the internet in general.

Purpose of Website

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First you need to know what you want a website for. Websites vary according to their objectives. You can sell through a virtual store, show your products in a catalog, mini sites for suppliers, explain your services and your success stories, or even a small website for a specific seasonal promotion.

This has to be considered according to the size of your company or business, work capacities and contact and / or purchase processes, in order to make it a true profitable tool. For example, for hotels and businesses that require reservations and appointments, there is web solutions to create a reservation engine that allows visitors to know when it is available, book and even pay. There are also online chats, programmed bots that help to track visitors, 360 ° virtual visits to stores or offices ...

Website Development Company in Dubai is very diverse but it is essential to keep in mind very clear what your COMPANY NEEDS in order to take into account the technology and investment required to carry out the idea.

Your Information

The basic and descriptive information about your services or products, company, business relationships, certifications, as well as photographs in the best definition are of extreme importance, since with this it is easier to structure the sections of the website, and gives you a more vision Complete users about your company. 

The content in images and video helps to generate unique and impactful visual experiences through banners, landing pages for promotions, content in a blog like this, news ...

This also includes promotions, guarantees and after-sales services, as well as everything you know that makes you different from your competitors.

The important thing is to compile or summarize this information in one place so that it is easier for you to work on how to present it in a concrete and simple way.

Competition And Benchmarking

Try to think about how you would search for your services on Google. If your business is a Auditing Services, for example, you can try "Auditing Services in Dubai" Now check the entire results page. Are there companies that stand out in the results with maps or images? How are the web pages of the first places in design and functions?

The next step is to start looking for pages that work similar to yours, as well as pages and websites of the competition. This helps you to know what the competition is doing, what it focuses on, what trends are in the field, as well as the way in which they present the information or their sales processes ... To this process of analyzing your competitors and Getting the best out of them, even improving it, is called Benchmarking . This can give you ideas to think about your competitive advantages in all aspects, that is, what makes you different from what your competitors propose (sales phrases, processes, free installations, etc.) in addition to becoming aware of which companies can consider yourself your direct competitors.

Did you find competitors? Make a list, save screenshots of their sites, inspect them well and share them with your website design company. This will help you give you a more solid idea of ​​what is best for your company and will help the designer to make it as close to what you are looking for 

Attractive Text For Customers And Search Engines

Although having complete information about your company and services is necessary, it still needs to be edited. Here you should think that the information that your eCommerce website development Dubai carries is direct and concise but designed both for users and for uploading positions in search engines. 

The excesses of text, technical language or difficult reading and the tone, manner and form in which the information is presented, the coherence, the use of search terms, even if you emphasize phrases, or certificates of safety, quality and service ... All of this influences how easy or difficult it is for your visitors to feel that they found what they were looking for, and for Google and other search engines how easy it is to read and add your website to their results for their bots.

Website text also includes text that is not usually seen at first glance from the graphical aspect of the site, such as metadata for example (The description and title with which a site appears in search results), tags and names that you use in the photos you upload.

Structure And User Interface (Ui Ux)

Taking into account the purpose of the site and the information available, the way in which the site intertwines and functions is planned. Simply put, a flowchart is made that allows for a simple and consistent sitemap. If there is going to be a service area, how would they be divided, if there will be product catalogs, how would they be categorized, how to move from one section to another without being confusing for visitors ... The user interface also plays an important role here, which is the comfort with which the site is navigated.

The simpler and more intuitive the way you present information to users who browse your site (how easily they get to what they are really looking for), the easier it is for them to contact you and make them customers.

Keeping the information more synthesized and accessible to users is important, and if you can add a direct means of contact such as a chat it can help you increase the sales potential of your website.

Website Design and Development

Once the site map and its operations are well defined, work begins on the graphic proposal. This is where what we have done in previous steps comes in handy, such as a list of competitors and taking screenshots of sites that reflect what we and / or competitors are looking for, as well as all the graphic elements of the company: institutional colors, logo and slogans, fonts,  

Development is the part that focuses on proper operation. It is in this process that we apply the web solutions that can most help us to make sales or generate prospects through the website. The web solutions together with the design achieve an attractive but also effective website. The importance of this point is that web solution is also compatible and just as it can make a website design Dubai attractive, it can make it useless when a function is not performed or breaks with the design of the site.

These 2 parts require a lot of consistency and communication because when one fails, the other follows. The design must take into account the possibilities and impossibilities of the chosen web solution, and the web technology must take into account the graphic structure to maintain the order of the design.