Real types of commercials for business


Real types of commercials for business

3D explainer video has long captured the hearts of business owners and marketers. The fact is that explainer video characters are much better remembered by viewers. This means both the brand and the product become more recognizable. To save on budget, you can record a 2D animated explainer video. It is not inferior in efficiency to the volumetric version, but it is easier and faster to create. You will also save on equipment and installation. Order a 2D pro explainer video from a specialized company to ensure you get a good result.

Beautiful editing isn't everything. Quality work starts with detailed idea development, script writing and storyboarding. The choice between 2D animation explainer video and voluminous material depends not only on the amount of money in the advertising budget. Brand image and mission are very important. But it is even more important to get a quality product in the final that will resonate with your audience. To understand what you need to strive for, take a look at the cases at In this article, we'll cover the main types of videos that work great for promoting your business.

Explainer video

The material explains to the viewer:

• How the new product works;

• How it can be useful to the user;

• What problem the product solves and how.

Explainer videos are especially loved by IT product creators. The standard duration is no longer than 90 seconds. In 90% of cases, explanatory videos are done in 2D graphics.

Image video

A colorful pretentious video, which is designed to demonstrate the high status of the company, its place in the market and superiority over competitors. Image videos appeal to emotions rather than rational. Most often used at industry events. The duration is within the range of 30 to 120 seconds.

Video presentation

Genre at the junction of explanatory and image video. Due to the colorful animation, it engages the audience quite well, but at the same time the video does not just talk about the advantages of the company, but carries some kind of advertising message with a call to action. The duration takes 90 to 120 seconds.


Video instruction for the client. Basically, it is a screen recording. Helps the user to understand how to use a product or service using a real example.

Video advertising for business

Short promotional videos with a call to action. You can often watch them as pre-rolls or post-rolls on YouTube or social media. The duration is between 30 and 45 seconds. In this format, creative script and originality of presentation are very important. So that the viewer does not want to immediately press the "skip" button.

TV advertising

Unlike online advertising, where the task is to force the viewer to follow a link here and now, TV advertising is more aimed at PR. The main advantage of good TV advertising is that it is remembered. The duration takes no more than 30 seconds.


Favorite genre of filmmakers and video games. A short, tantalizing video designed to spark the viewer's interest. The duration is no more than 30 seconds.

Video screensaver

A branded introduction that precedes the start of the main content part, be it a TV show or a video blog on YouTube. The second purpose of the video intro is to open presentations at offline events such as business forums.

Technical visualization

A special genre for people who need to quickly explain to the viewer how a complex device or equipment works. It's better than lugging around a bunch of blueprints or sending a PDF file of a hundred pages.

We hope this quick guide will help you better understand the specifics of video production, so that you can distinguish between professional studios and shabashniks with a superficial knowledge of video marketing.