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Realme 7 VS Vivo Y51

Comparing specs, features and applications in a phone can be a helpful course of mulling when buying a one. For Realme 7 and Vivo Y51 they are now catching on in today's market, and possess an upmarket amount of features that are exclusively more than conventional. Here the very corresponding context of given text will provide you a better understanding of contradiction, similarities and uniqueness.

The very candidacy of counteracting specs side by side will guide you even out your stance to get a subject with just stances and reasons. In accounts for very subject and its account for prices, the Realme 7 price in the United States Dollar is around 205.92 and for the Vivo Y51 price is approx. the value of 246.98 United States Dollar.


It has long been an self-evidently true proposition which is regarded as an absolute statement on which an abstractly defined structure of mobile phones is based. Such varying integers encompasses the right proportion of thickness, the right amount of weight, the outer coat of material and many of the varied interests of similar cultures.

Such little things of a mobile's body are quite the most important factors of an overall design. All in all, while directing the matter here at Vivo Y51 and Realme 7 on its aspect ratio in proportion, the relationship to mobile's width and height is almost similar. While considering a notion of mobile's thickness, portability and weight, our winning subject is Vivo Y51. That from all things is much slimmer by around the measurements of 8.4 mm thickness and a weight of 188 g. Whereas on the other side, Realme 7 weighs: 196.5 g and its thickness is of 9.4 mm.

Memory and Performance

Memory and performance in a mobile phone are integral parts that work synonymously even to each other. A consolidated and well affiliated rate of mobile's temporary and permanent memory overall affects the performance of a mobile device. Incidentally, anybody who happens to be an appraiser of running multiple applications and programs in a phone, should prefer Vivo Y51 over Realme 7.

For Vivo Y51 it has more than 33 percent of temporary memory to that of Realme 7. As in number and figures it make up 8 GB while Realme Phone has a RAM of 6 GB. And for the matter of storage it has a capacity to store data by 64 gigabytes. Meanwhile Vivo Y51 has a storage of 128 GB gigabytes. Moreover, both of the subjects have a supplementary option of card slot in order to maximize storage.


Camera is an ultimate leverage on a mobile phone, a means of major share in resolutions and megapixels helps an individual to create the world you wish to see. And now here is our applicants, in a very straightforward manner: Realme 7 has a much more efficient camera resolution to that of Vivo Y51 that comes up with 48 megapixels.

Where the Realme becomes a winning subject matter by securing 64 megapixels in its wide angle camera. Meanwhile talking of macro and ultra wide lenses both are even. But in terms of the number of cameras, Realme 7 has a quad camera, while Vivo Y51 has a triple camera.

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