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Reasons And Treatments For Hair Loss

There is a noticeable increase in patients suffering from hair loss conditions. If you are someone who is researching reasons for hair loss wants to discover advised and tested treatments for this problem then you are at the right place.  

This write-up will surely help you find the keys reasons that lead to severe hair loss eventually resulting in complete baldness. Furthermore, we will discuss some ideal, tried, and tested medicines.

Let us look into the reason that may cause hair loss issues.

  • People suffering from thyroid problems may face severe hair loss that can cause permanent baldness but if treated properly can easily prevent the consequences. 
  • Extremely oily or dry scalp can aggravate hair loss maneuvering into baldness. 
  • Androgenic alopecia is an autoimmune disease that can affect both men and women causing male pattern baldness. This problem can be hereditary in other cases DHT can damage the hair follicle causing long term baldness. 
  • Extra stress and depression can lead to extreme hair fall.
  • A healthy diet is vital to keep your nutrition in place to enhance the growth and strength of hair.
  • Fungal diseases are another culprit to elevate hair loss.
  • Extra medications can ignite the hair fall process as well. 

We have covered almost all the key reasons that lead to hair loss. Now we need to study and understand the available drugs to aid the issue. It is ideal to consult a doctor before taking a step. Proper diagnosis and recommendation will help you achieve the best results.

Since science has made a dominant progression to cure baldness hence there is something for everyone to treat this problem. This includes all oral, applicable, and surgical treatments. Although surgery must be the last resort. To name few are:


Minoxidil also known as Rogaine is FDA certified drug available in spray and foam form for both male and female pattern baldness that executes promising results. It is being used by many around the world to help regrow hair. One must continue using it for four months to see results making sure to be consistent with the treatment. Minoxidil is a bit on a higher side in terms of price ranging between $25-$40 per month.

Finasteride Pills

Finasteride also sold under a brand name Propecia and Proscar is available in the market in tablet form only. Continuous and religious use of medicine will help aid male pattern hair loss issues. It not only prevents hair loss but also promotes healthy hair growth. Finasteride is also known as DHT-blocker, DHT is actually a hormone that shrinks the size of hair follicle eventually making it dead for new growth resulting in baldness. Hence finasteride restricts the development of DHT in the body so that hair loss can be controlled. The consumption requires great commitment to see constant results i.e you must not discontinue the usage once it starts working positively for you.

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Lipogaine for healthy Scalp

Lipogaine is a blend of minoxidil and azelaic acid each with a potency of 5%. Azelaic acid is another DHT blocker that can prevent excessive hair loss. The drug can elevate the healthy growth of hair by providing extra nutrients to the scalp.

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