Monday, October 2, 2023
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Reasons and Ways to Secure Fax App in Your iPhone

Since the first time modern fax machines were invented, there have been concerns over the security of the information being sent. 

Is faxing secure? Phone lines and private email servers are all susceptible to hacking and other malicious attacks; therefore, people should take precautions to protect their facsimiles from theft. 

Luckily, there are a few very simple steps that anyone can follow to secure their faxes before sending them via an iPhone app.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether fax secure for iPhone or not. We’ll also discuss “is fax or email more secure?”. Finally, if people have any of the following questions in their mind right now:

  • How do I send a secure fax from my iPhone?
  • Is it secure to fax from iPhone?
  • How can I send a secure fax?
  • What makes a fax line secure?
  • Is faxing a secure way to send documents?
  • Where can I securely send a fax?
  • Is fax more secure than email?

They need to keep reading this article. 

Fax security vs email:

Is fax more secure than email? It is one of the most asked questions by businessmen and office workers. Fax vs email security, Well, there are two opinions and the most popular one is that emails are more vulnerable to hackers compared to facsimiles.

The email service can be hacked, malware can steal passwords, and it is not safe enough to send sensitive or confidential information since there is a direct internet connection involved. 

It has been shown that the process of sending an email is less secure than sending a facsimile because faxes are scrambled in a way that does not allow for people to see the content. This fact alone makes faxing more secure than emailing.

Traditional facsimile machines have very little vulnerability, and it is very difficult for anyone to get unauthorized access. Since, facsimile machines are directly linked with classic phone lines. So, there is very little chance left of security breaching.

On the other hand, email security breaches can be more dangerous as most of our other accounts are also linked directly to our email IDs. So, once the email is hacked, associated accounts can also be accessed much more easily unless there is 2-FA enabled.

Can we send faxes from the iPhone?

With the enhancement in technology, traditional machines are mostly replaced with fax iPhone apps. They are easy to use and can be used anytime, anywhere. So, you don’t have to carry big machines with you. 

The question here is, are faxes secure iPhone? The answer is absolutely yes. However, it also depends on what app you are using. Since, there are many apps but not all are good and secure enough. That’s why we recommend people use the “FAX from iPhone” app.

As we said, there can be security breaches while sending documents via facsimile, like malicious scripts can be sent by hackers to get unauthorized access. It is crucial to take care of your documents' security and people should check the following features before sending next documents. 

Spoiler Alert! FAX from iPhone app comes with all the following advanced security measurements and protection. So, do give it a try. 

How to ensure secure faxing via iPhone?

There are many ways and features that are important to check, but here we’ll discuss some of the most crucial ones. Ensure that the faxing provider has all the following features for secure faxing.

SSL Encryption:

In order to ensure that your faxes remain private and secure, your faxing provider should use SSL encryption. This will ensure that no one can intercept the information being transmitted to a fax machine. The FAX from iPhone app provides this feature and is super secure for sending documents.

Secure Web Connection:

Secure Web Connection is another way to send faxes securely. Thousands of faxes are sent worldwide per day, with 99% of them containing sensitive information. All transmissions are encrypted when sent through Secure Web Connections, so both the sender and recipient can be confident in their security. 

Secure Cloud Storage:

Secure faxing can be achieved through many different methods, but one of the most secure options is to have secure cloud storage. Cloud storage services are designed to provide data security while also making it accessible to authorized users. 

Unlike other forms of insecure and unencrypted storage, cloud storage keeps records safe while also allowing users access to their information anytime and anywhere. 

Read Privacy Policy:

It is essential to read the privacy policy before using any faxing service. There are many known companies which claim to be secure, yet they don't provide adequate protection for your information. 

By reading the privacy policy, you are able to see who has access to your sensitive data, how long it is stored, and what happens if someone else gains access.

Why is the “FAX from iPhone” app secure?

One of the reasons is that this app is secure and recommended as it has all the features that we mentioned above. Other than those, there is also app level security. It means people can set a pin lock. So, nobody can access the app.

There are also some amazing features, including E-signature, built-in scanner, fax tracking and history, and so much more. These features make this app one of the must-use apps for faxing. 

In conclusion, we recommend investing in a secure fax app for your iPhone. This will allow you to send and receive faxes without the worry of security breaches or interception. 

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Syandita Malakar
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