Reasons for Ducted vacuums


Vacuuming is one of the least liked chores in the home; it's heavy, noisy, and sometimes just plain dusty!  You can essentially turn vacuuming from something you hate into a task that you'll be happy to do, though!  Here's some information you should know.


They Are Powerful

Ducted vacuum units can have up to three to four times the suction power than a standard vacuum cleaner can provide, thanks to the specifically designed motor inside the power unit.  This means that you’ll be able to gather more dirt and fragments out of your carpets or off your floors, leaving them cleaner than you’ll be able to get them.



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They are Much Healthier

Ducted central vacuum systems are also suitable for people that suffer from asthma or allergies. Well, it’s because ducted vacuums essentially collect the dust and debris from the vacuuming and eliminate them from home completely.  Minimizing the chance of dust particles or other allergens being recirculated into the house.  Ducted central vacuum systems are so efficient for asthma and allergy patients that they are specifically recommended by the Asthma Foundation(s) of Australia. They also have excellent filtration capabilities so that they can collect even the smallest particles.


Easy to Use

All you have to do is connect the light hose into the outlet and then start cleaning away, to use a ducted vacuum!  There’s no need to carry a heavy vacuum with you or frequently empty the bag or basket.  When you're done, wind up the crushproof hose and put it away.  As well, ducted vacuums are habitually used self-cleaning filters, so there’s no need to clean your filters often out. You'll always get the maximum power from your central vacuum system!


Quiet and Reliable

One thing that most people hate about vacuum cleaning is the noise that is associated with it.  This isn’t a challenge with ducted vacuums as they are designed to make very little noise.  Add to the mix the fact that the main motor is situated away from the house's living and bedroom areas, and noise isn't a significant factor. Ducted vacuums are also made from high eminence materials and technologically progressive motors, so they will last longer and be very reliable.  You may sell your house long before you have to worry about the ducted vacuum breaking down!