Reasons For Separation/Reasons For Divorce



Reasons for separation / divorce can vary from case to case. How serious these reasons are perceived by those affected depends on their personalities. In many cases, the first thing to do is to work on the relationship or marriage. A relationship often improves when both partners grow together through a crisis. However, both partners have to want that too. If one of the two does not want to change or if nothing changes even after many attempts, it is often actually a legitimate reason for separation or consulting a divorce lawyer Las Vegas; then it's better to go. Because you and your holistic wellbeingshould come first in your life. Here are some examples of reasons for separation/reasons for divorce that suggest that your own well-being may be in danger.

The most important

·         If working on the relationship doesn't work, or if either of them isn't ready, a breakup or divorce is the better solution.

·         Repeated affairs are ultimately a lack of respect for you. Clearly a reason for separation / divorce.

·         In relationships with addicts, a separation or divorce is sometimes useful so that unhealthy relationship dynamics can be resolved.

·         The most serious reasons for separation or divorce are probably violence in a relationship or marriage. This is an absolute no-go.

·         When the partner is consciously or unconsciously taking away your freedoms, it's time to leave. Love is a voluntary thing and cannot be forced.

·         If joint ventures are no longer planned at all, it may be that an internal separation has long since taken place with one or both partners.

·         A lack of physical affection is a sign of a non-functioning relationship.

Repeated cheating

If your partner has cheated on you repeatedly even though you have agreed to be in a monogamous relationship, that is clearly a reason for separation/divorce. Even a single cheating can mean the end for many. However, it is worthwhile to talk to your partner after a one-off affair. Often this brings up many topics that were previously buried. So if you can get into the conversation better through an affair and can build up mutual trust again, this can have a positive effect on the relationship. However, if she repeatedly cheats on her partner, it is clearly a sign of a lack of respect - towards you and the relationship.

All you can do is wonder if you have fallen for a narcissist who seeks ego confirmation in affairs. This is no longer a relationship problem, but a personality disorder of the partner. And these are definitely reasons for separation/divorce.


Common reasons for separation / divorce are addictions. At least if the partner refuses to accept outside help. It is often particularly difficult to cut the cord in a relationship characterized by dependency, as these relationships are characterized by a special dynamic. For example, partners of alcoholics are often codependent and subconsciously support the behavior of the other person because they internalized this pattern in childhood. As long as both partners are in such a cycle and do not seek help from outside, the relationship is unhealthy and a separation or divorce can have extremely positive effects for both sides. Provided that the problems are dealt with after the separation or divorce!

Serious reason for separation: violence in a relationship or marriage

Violence in a relationship or marriage is a clear reason for separation / divorce. Violence can have very different effects. This can range from physical violence to psychological violence, such as condescending comments. Do yourself a favor: pick up your legs and get to safety. After such an experience, it is important that you seek psychological help. On the one hand to process the traumatic experiences, on the other hand to find out why they got involved with a violent person in the first place. Often times, staying in an unhealthy relationship is the result of low self-esteem or bad childhood experiences.


Forms of restriction include, for example, exaggerated jealousy or subtle tricks that prevent the partner from spending their free time the way he / she wants. For example, there are people who always start an argument when their partner wants to pursue their own plans. If this does not improve after intensive discussions, it may be because your partner is so afraid of losing you that he is restricting basic freedoms or sabotaging you. There is clearly a lack of trust in the relationship and it is likely that the partner is dealing with unprocessed feelings of inferiority. As a partner, you can no longer help here. If the other person shows no will to change, leave the relationship or marriage! Love consists of trust andmutual freedoms. Not from claims of ownership and mistrust.

Internal separation has already taken place

If you are reading this article, you surely know that a breakup or divorce is not easy. For nobody. It is so difficult for some that they prefer to stay together. But internally they have already separated. You probably know that when couples don't do anything together anymore, have nothing to say to each other and just live side by side. An indication of this state of affairs is when the two of you no longer make plans together, are no longer really happy to spend time with the other, and when you or your partner would rather be at work than at home. Then it's time to really seriously reconsider the relationship. It can be bad if only one of the two has already said goodbye internally and is only making plans without the partner. Maybe then the person is just too cowardly

No common denominator

If this applies to you and your partner, it is very likely that you threw yourself into a relationship or marriage with rose-tinted glasses. Now that you are in love, you may have arrived at everyday life and realize: We have nothing in common! Political attitude, hobbies, eating habits, circle of friends. Nothing goes together. Joint ventures are rare, because what one likes does not suit the other. This can certainly be compensated for for a while, through a lot of love and tolerance. But whether that makes sense in the long term? You have to decide. You may also find something that you can start together. If not, maybe it would be better to find someone who is a better fit for you.

Lack of physicality

When nothing is going on in bed and the exchange of tenderness has long ceased, then it is time to ask yourself whether the relationship can actually still be saved. When was the last time you kissed? Do you still enjoy touching your partner or do you shy away from it? Or, conversely, do you have the feeling that your partner is withdrawing from you? It is always possible to save a relationship through long discussions and working together. But to do this, there still has to be a common denominator, which is also based on the desire for physical closeness. If this is no longer there, a separation or divorce is certainly painful here too, but better than vegetating together. You both deserve to be happy.