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Reasons to Become a Lawyer

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To become a lawyer, there will be enormous time and sacrifice that will be required. It is a big career choice and the success will be determined by how far you’re willing to go when it comes to putting in the work. The good thing about law is that it can be a fulfilling profession for someone that genuinely cares about helping people. There are a couple of reasons why anyone would want to pursue a career in law and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Earning Potential

As much as you’d want to pursue a career for the love of it, you’ll still need to put food on the table. Attorneys are the highest paid professions in the legal industry and for good reason. A Manhattan car accident lawyer will go above and beyond in ensuring that the victim is being compensated for their injuries. Working on such a few cases could mean a change in fortunes, especially if it is a private practice. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the median income for a lawyer was at $120, 910 in 2018.

The numbers can only go up given that attorney services will always be on demand. It should be noted that not all attorneys will make a big buck. It will be challenging when you’re just starting out but the most important thing is that you’re not losing focus on what is truly important.


Lawyers have been around for a while and it is one of those prestigious careers that will never go out style. Lawyers are well respected in elite circles and make up some of the most influential people in the country. The unique status enjoyed by lawyers is something that you’d definitely want to experience.

Opportunities to Help Others

Law can be extremely complex, especially for someone that doesn’t have any professional experience. Most law firms will make it a habit to handle a couple of pro bono cases in a year. There are also public interest attorneys whose goal is to help the society. You can decide to specialize in championing children's rights. You still get to make the contribution of making the world a better place with your experience as an attorney.

Intellectual Challenge

If you’re looking for an intellectual challenge, working as an attorney is one of the most rewarding careers that you can ever pursue. Lawyers are relied on to provide solutions regardless of the industry that they’re working in.

Diverse Areas of Practice

There is a wide variety of sub-niches in the legal field. You can choose to pursue an area of law that interests you. You just have to choose an area of law that interests you and everything else will fall in place.

Global Influence

There is no denying that lawyers have a global influence on politics, governance, and just about any other professions that you can think of. Some of the most influential people in just about any industry are lawyers and it will be pleasing to note that you get to play a role in influencing global dynamics in your own capacity as a lawyer.


In order to become a good attorney, you’ll need to constantly be learning. This keeps you on your toe because you can afford to slack even for a minute. You don’t need to go back to school in order to learn. You’ll be working on new cases on a regular basis that requires that you’re doing research. You get to be exposed to new intricacies about your specialization which only makes you a better lawyer in the grand scheme of things.


You don’t need to be in one part of the state or the country in order to practice law. Your skills will always be in demand regardless of where you might be. As an attorney, you can work in any part of the world without a lot of issues. This is what makes it fun to pursue a career in the legal profession. You just need to make sure that you have the license to practice in that particular area.

Start Your Own Practice

There is no reason why you’d want to work for other people when you’re confident enough that you can branch on your own. Once you’ve gained the necessary experience, it will be easy to set up your practice depending on the specialization. As much as being a business owner is going to be a lot of work, you get the pride and satisfaction of being your own boss.

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