Reasons to choose a ship handling company services


Do you own a ship? If you do then most probably it is for business purposes. Ships are a far cheaper alternative to air cargo. It is the shipping network that has made the import and export of goods and commodities possible all over the globe. 

Ships are water vehicles that need timely and strict maintenance for optimum functioning. The continuous working of the vessel demands an extra care with the engine, fuel storage, and electrical mechanism of the ship. 

Any problems at any part of these mechanisms can lead to a complete failure of the ship. The problems can greatly multiply if the vessel breaks down in the middle of the ocean. It can lead to the failure of the timely delivery of the cargo. 

Some of the common issues faced during sea voyages are the shortage of fuel, stoppage of the engine, and failure of the rudder, propeller, or stabilizers. Other types of problems are medical emergencies amongst the crew members and damage to the bottom part of the vessel.

These things are daunting and can cause severe losses to the business if they do not have a solution. Fortunately, some Curaçao ship chandling companies provide just that. They can help you with any aid you need during a botched voyage. 


Here are some of the services these ship handlers offer.

1- Supplying spare parts

Ships that are used for commercial purposes are prone to a considerable amount of wear and tear. Not only the engine mechanism but also other mechanisms like electrical workings, mechanical parts, and so on are highly subject to disrepair. 

These conditions begin out of nowhere and escalate into big blunders in no time—the progressive nature of these problems demands carrying spare parts to avoid any such failures. The ship handling service provider offers a robust supply of parts and spares for vessels and yachts. 

Your crew can get parts and replace a broken one. The spare parts can help them avoid such a failure in the future. Carrying spares is an integral part of contingency planning. 

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2- Supply of oil and fuel

One of the most usual blunders of planning a long voyage is not carrying fuel and oil in adequate amounts. This concern arises due to the dependability of refueling at a shipping dock. However, the problem occurs when even the docks do not have resupplies. 

There may be other logistical problems that may lead to this problem. These may include a language barrier, unavailability of the right crew member, unavailability of the monetary unit for a transaction, or unacceptance of a particular card for payment. 

The shortage of fuel amid a voyage is the most concerning. There is no way ahead or back. Fortunately, the ship handling companies in Curaçao offer ship supplies like fuel and oil at a bay or amid the sea.

3- Helpers at your service

Docking and handling a ship at a dock is not usually a problem. It is well-planned and most shipping companies do not lack any logistical support for routine activities like these. However, concerns can arise for a number of reasons. There may be an insufficient amount of helpers at a dock that is out of your reach, for example.

Things like these may become problematic as a ship cannot be left floating near a ship station. A good Curaçao chandler can make sure that you get all the help in docking your vessel needs near a shipyard. The support you get from a Curaçao ship chandler is almost instant and you do not end up wasting time.

The provision of medical assistance to stranded crew members is another issue with which you can be assisted. Salvaging people and cargo from a sinking ship is also a common type of aid.

To conclude

These were some ways a Curaçao ship chandling company can provide you with a reliable shipping solution.