Monday, October 2, 2023
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Reasons to Remove Mugshots from Everywhere-The Hidden Dangers

Today, just about everyone has a digital camera or is on some sort of social media site. This makes it very easy for people to post their own mugshots online. Even if you are not guilty of breaking the law, your picture can be shown without your permission on the internet. Here are six reasons to remove mugshots from google.

1. Unlawful imprisonment

Though the police have no obligation to notify one that they are taking pictures or where those pictures will end up, they could argue that they never gave consent either way and were therefore unlawfully imprisoned. When someone is arrested at their job, school, etc., they are also deprived of liberty by being detained in a cell. The same principle should apply here because by posting the photo online, the government is once again detaining them.

2. Violates their civil rights

Even if someone is arrested for a crime, they are still entitled to their civil rights. This includes being innocent until proven guilty and having the charge reviewed by a jury of one's peers. By posting pictures online without permission, they are depriving an individual of these basic rights, which could land one in jail.

3. Causes social harm

Most people who have posted mugshots on the internet didn't think about how this would affect them personally or socially down the road. Their picture can be found all over google when someone searches for their name; making it very difficult to get through life normally knowing that your information is available at any given time. The embarrassment of being arrested or charged with a crime can be too much for some to handle, causing depression and sometimes suicide.

4. Causes financial harm

The internet is an ever-evolving machine that has no regard for anyone's privacy. After they post their picture on the web it will take years before it starts to get buried in the information overload that we call the world wide web. This means that their picture could show up when someone searches their name for many years, causing lasting damage to one's finances and other important areas of life such as getting hired for a job they are qualified for but never see because of their online mugshots.

5. Puts innocent people at risk

Just because someone isn't guilty doesn't mean they won't be treated like a criminal. Many people post pictures of innocent people to their websites or other online media outlets because these individuals are either celebrities, public figures, or just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The risk that they are taking by posting these pictures is that families may end up being harassed due to their actions which could cause major legal action on their part.

6. One could be sued

One of the most powerful tools in an individual's arsenal when it comes to fighting back against the web is being able to bring a lawsuit against them for damages that they have suffered from their actions. A clear example of this would be someone who has been wrongfully accused of a crime only because their mugshot was online and they found themselves unemployable afterward, forcing them into poverty. This person could sue them for damages and win if they are unable to prove without a reasonable doubt that they were indeed guilty which makes this a very risky situation all around even though most people choose not to think about this possibility.

These were some compelling reasons for removing mugshots from google.

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