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Reasons to Visit Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo happens to be the unofficial capital of Brazil. Its financial center. Initially, the city used to be measured as the territory and abode of the Indians, nonetheless, after the reduction of the land resources of Rio de Janeiro, it gradually begins to populate and grow, and already at the end of the 18th century, emigrants from Italy and Japan began to move here, breaking coffee and cotton plantations in the vicinity.

Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in São Paulo, where to go, and where the popular and interesting places of São Paulo are. So, are you excited to explore this beautiful place? Without any doubt, make turkish airlines booking and reserve your seat right away and save up to 30% off on every flight. Pack your bags, made up your mind, and get ready to explore the best of city offers.

Zoo museum

The Zoological Museum, constructed on Nazare Avenue in the Ipiranga District, on the 700 thousand square meters area, houses several interesting species of plants and animals. However, the museum contains valuable information about the animals and plants of Brazil, which will be of interest to many tourists and even locals. Moreover, all animals and plants are grouped and decided according to the traditional classification. They are amphibians, birds, fish, and shellfish. In the museum lobby, you can also find out a lot of interesting information about the research carried out by the museum staff.

Peace Square

Peace Square in São Paulo is located at the juncture of Av. Canada and Av. Estados Unidos. It also happens to be a very suitable starting point for traveling around São Paulo. Moreover, it is from here that most sightseeing tours of the city start.

Freedom Square

Freedom Square (PracaLiberdade) is a Japanese square and the entire area, originated by the first Japanese immigrants over a century ago. This Japanese community also happens to be now the biggest Japanese community that originated outside of Japan.

Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is one of the city parks of Sao Paulo, which is eagerly visited by tourists and townspeople. The name of the park, translated from the language of the Tupi Indians, means "rotten tree" since the park is now laid out in a swampy area, where during the era of colonization there were Indian settlements.

Municipal Theater

The Municipal Theater, a kind of Parisian Grand Opera, is the cultural center of the city, Brazil and South America. However, the construction of the architectural masterpiece took over 20 years. The luxury of the façade also competes with the richness of the interior.

Football Museum

One of the attractions of Sao Paulo happens to be the museum under the Paolo Marado stadium. You can visit it on any day except Monday, and when the matches are taking place. Paid entrance.

The exposition consists of 3 parts:

  • Fan attributes;

  • Information about famous football players (Pele, Ronaldo, and others);

History of Brazilian football

The presented video materials show episodes of matches, interviews of coaches and football players. At the end of the tour, visitors can play virtual football in the entertainment hall.

Best Things to do While in Sao Paulo

São Paulo Cathedral

This cathedral is a very beautiful monument to discover if you do not know what to see in São Paulo. Moreover, the São Paulo Metropolitan Cathedral is a neo-Gothic style building. It was also destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century, the construction of the current cathedral was launched in 1913 and completed in 1954. 46 m wide, 111 m long, and 92 m high, it naturally stands out in the heart of the city. city. It can also accommodate 8,000 people, impressive!

Take a walk in Ibirapuera Park

For me, it is the biggest and the most beautiful park in the city. You can see Brazilians running and training in the open air (parks in Brazil usually have free access to sports facilities). You will also love the atmosphere of the park, there is even a skate park, a museum (the Afro Brazil Museum), a lake.

Discover the Beco do Batman

The Beco do Batman is located in the center of the Vila Madalena area, the main place for the typical bars of the city. This is the name of a large area where you can find pretty graffiti in the streets and on all the walls. Graffiti changes regularly and you will find it everywhere. Then be sure to stop by the Armazem da Cidade, a super cool place with food trucks everywhere. You can even attend small concerts by local bands on weekends.


São Paulo is so large that it can quickly be discouraged at first glance, so you have to know how to tame it to be able to appreciate it at its true value. But if the city is big, it is also very diverse. One can very well go from a very rich district to a slum the second which follows. So, plan your trip with friends, family, beloved, or solo and explore the popular tourist attractions in Sao Paulo by booking a trip with Airlines Vacations and customize your itinerary accordingly because the time is now!

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