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Reasons Why Anime Characters are Good For Kids

Almost every kid has watched an anime. Even adults watch them. These anime often portray unique stories, characters, and settings. However, you might ask; Are anime characters good for kids? Some parents are concerned about their kids watching anime. Fortunately, anime characters are great for kids, and here's why.

Anime Characters are Very Relatable

Most anime characters, Giorno Giovanna, are very life-like. They face real-world problems and experience real-life human emotions. Because of this, it's very easy for the audience to connect to these characters. Furthermore, there are hundreds of anime titles. No doubt, there will be a character that kids can relate to. Kids often feel that they are the main characters as they can relate to them. You might even find them roleplaying as their favourite characters. For them to do this is a good thing. They develop the skill to connect with others and understand the concept of life. 

Anime Characters can Promote Imagination

Anime shows portray characters as colourful and lovable individuals. Having kids watch them promotes imagination. How so? They often imagine themselves as part of the characters' worlds. Also, many kids like to draw their favourite characters. This can further develop their sense of imagination. Some younger teens and adults also roleplay as their favourite characters. They often use their imagination to create their own costumes and props. Anime and anime characters also serve an inspiration for kids to make their own stories, especially when they grow up. Many animators and graphic artists today had their inspiration from growing up watching anime. 

Anime Characters Teach Real-Life Lessons

As previously mentioned, anime characters are very relatable. Because of this, kids learn how to deal with problems and find a solution. There is even a type of anime that is designed for kids, called Kodomo anime. The goal of these anime titles is to teach children valuable teachings even at a very young age. Anime characters teach them how to become brave and honest. They also teach kids friendship and loyalty. Many anime also teach the importance of perseverance. When kids watch these anime shows, these core values get established in their minds at a young age. 

Some Anime Characters are Critical Thinkers and Intelligent

Some may think that anime and the characters are unintelligent. In actuality, there are very smart anime characters. Some anime feature themes like detective work and mystery. There are shows where characters need a strategy to get through a certain problem or scenario. We want to mention but one example; overlord season 4 release is being talked about because of the fascinating story the previous series told. Through the carefully created character, overlord, the Isakai genre tell a story of a person who was transferred in a parallel world. Characters and shows like these encourage the kids to become critical thinkers just like the anime characters. It also emphasizes the importance of having knowledge and thinking things through. 

Kids can Make Friends.

Any form of entertainment and media causes conversation. Among kids and teenagers, anime is one of the most talked about. You may hear kids talking about what their favourite shows are and who their favourite characters are. Kids watching anime normally connect with other kids who watch anime. It opens an opportunity to make friends, even after school. Due to this, they gain the ability to socialize with others. They also learn how to have fun. 

Exposes them to Different Cultures

Anime characters came from japan. Because of this, many of the anime titles and characters have Japanese cultures. There are also shows that feature other countries and cultures. Exposing kids to different cultures and people, even if fictional, benefits them. Through watching anime characters, they can have a peek of other cultures and countries. Not only that they learn the differences in customs and societies, but they also learn to respect others. Because of the anime shows and characters, some kids may even be inspired to learn a new language. 

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