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Reasons Why Carnations Should Be a Part of Any Bouquet

Flowers are some of the best gifts out there. In fact, you can buy flowers for your own home not only for decorative purposes on special occasions but alsoto use on a regular basis. Flowers are not just beautiful but also full of positivity, cheer and joy. They spread happiness when gifted, which is why flower delivery service-providers are perpetually in high demand. If you have noticed the flower arrangements available in the market, you will see that carnations happen to be an important part of such arrangements. Yes, there are several reasons behind why carnations are and should be a part of any bouquet. Let’s look into these one by one.

Carnations Come in a Variety of Colours

When it comes to a bouquet, especially a mixed arrangement, all you want is a unique and distinctive look with a well-mixed variety of flowers. With carnations, you have already added the desired variety to your bouquet. These flowers come in different colours like red, orange, pink, white and purple. Each of the blossoms is extremely beautiful and has a charm of its own. A bouquet of carnationsmakes for a colourful present.

Carnations are among the Most Long Lasting Flowers

A bouquet is an exquisite gift and you want it to keep it fresh for as long as possible. If you are worried about the life of your floral arrangement, carnations are the way to go.When you send a bouquet as a gift, you want the recipient to remember you through the elegant flowers. So, a bouquet that is full of flowers that may not last too long is not very appealing. With carnations added to any bouquet, you can make it last long and ensure it looks as fresh as possible. This is because carnations last for quite a few days, sometimes for over a week at a stretch. They require little care to stay as fresh as they were when they first bloomed.

Carnations are Replete with Symbolism and Significance

Carnations are also among the most meaningful flowers out there. They are associated with Mother’s Day since the founder of this day sent bunches of carnations to her mother. If you are considering a bouquet for your mother or aunt or even a teacher, adding carnations to it and a fair quantity of those is necessary. Carnations symbolise love, grace, admiration and so many other abstract feelings that are best expressed through flowers. Naturally, as part of a flower arrangement, they convey your emotions in the best way possible to your dear ones.

Carnations are Fashionable

The beauty of carnations makes them extremely sophisticated as well. These flowers are treated as fashionable items suitable for even certain types of dresses and other apparel. You can find a carnation in a man’s wedding suit pocket for this very reason. They are an integral part of weddings and a bridal bouquet of carnations is bound to raise the fashion quotient of the wedding.

Carnations Add Volume to Any Floral Arrangement

On a more practical level, carnations are added to bouquets because these full grown, wide blossoms perfectly enhance the volume of any floral arrangement. Even a handful of carnations can make your bouquet look really voluptuous. The different colours further create volume and ensure that you are hardly required to include any fillers whatsoever.

So, the next time you buy and send online flowers to prepare a bouquet; do not forget these elegant blossoms that can work magic in every possible way.As you look through the online flower delivery options, keep in mind that carnations and their arrangements can be composed of a variety of colors. You can choose your favoritecolor or the recipient's favoritecolor. You can also choose the colour based on meaning such as red for love, yellow for friendship, or white for purity. If you do not know what direction to go, light coloursis always a bestoption. Because, they fit together with roses and lilies with ease.

If you check online, you will find hundreds and thousands of different options for carnations bouquet. A bouquet wrapped in wrapping sheet or in a glass/acrylic vase would become a perfect gift showing how much you value your relation. Some online stores even allow you to make your own combination of flowers, the color and the quantity when you plan to send Carnations to your loved ones. Based on your budget plan and flower varieties you better order online for same-day or preferred day of the occasion.

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