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Reasons why learning English is need of the hour

We are living in a highly competitive environment where there always remains a neck to neck competition and the challenge to always stay at the top is always prevails. In such an atmosphere, excelling your personality and grooming yourself in terms of communication skills is always a must and having excellent English skills, both speaking and writing is one part of it.

Whether you are a student in a high school or attends a regular college or a fresher in the industry, having good English communication skills has become the foremost need of the industry. Industries demand those people who are industry ready and have a good set of communication skills. Hence working on your language and becoming an expert in it is the key asset.

The process of learning English begins from the school itself and now it has even become a rule in many schools that student and teachers will communicate in English only.

Here we are going to discuss the primary reasons that why learning the English language has become need of the hour.

1)   English opens the door for you to best universities in the world

Studying in the top universities of the world is a dream of most of the people. These are the most prestigious institutes where you get a chance to learn from the best minds in the world. When you are good in English language, it opens many doors for you for amazing opportunities and you also become capable of clearing the exams such as IELTS.

2) Good English Skills will Increase your Demand among Employers

Every company needs people on whom they can rely upon and can give responsibilities because of their effective leadership and communication skills. A dynamic leader is one who can volunteer in different situations and lead with confidence. When you will have good skills in English, then you will be able to communicate effectively with your clients that may be national or international and also helps you to communicate in a better way with your colleagues.

3) The Knowledge of English makes Your Travel Easy and Fun

Everyone knows that English is the most popular and widely spoken language globally. With the proper knowledge of English, you can easily travel in almost any part of the world and will face no issues while communicating with the localities of that country. However, whenever you will visit any new place or a new country, chances are that you are going to face difficulty in finding the meaning of few words in English that you have been using in Hindi for a long period of time. In that situation, you can use a dictionary using which you can find the Hindi to English meaning of that particular word. You need not carry any hard copy of a dictionary anywhere you are visiting. You can download the application of a dictionary in your mobile app and use it to find the meaning of some English words or even translate your Hindi words to find Hindi to English meaning.

4) English Knowledge Brings Knowledge and Power

When you start to learn the English language, you begin to gain more knowledge and it is a universal truth that knowledge is the biggest power in the world. Also, it is a fact that the majority of the work execution is processed in the English language. Hence it becomes essential to start learning and become an expert in it, especially in spoken English and writing it. Majority of present social media along with the mainstream media is present in English only and is advancing towards the higher level of work.

5) It improves our skills set and help us to innovate

Innovation is the key to progress. One of the reasons that we have become so much advanced in the last couple of decades is because we never stopped to innovate. We worked on ideas, executed them and turned them in success. When we get the knowledge of an entirely new language like English, it helps in opening new horizons of the mind and gives new dimensions to look at the things. Moreover, it helps in taking our skill set to the new level and we become more confident about ourselves about particular things.

6) English helps you to improve the way you Represent yourself

When it comes to representing yourself, that too in the most professional way, the key point is how you communicate with others and how much confident you are about your personality. When you start to learn English language and speak fluent English than it adds to your personality and boosts your confidence. Most importantly, it increases your value among your social circle and society. You start to feel more valuable.

These are some of the best reasons that why you should put your focus on learning the English language and make yourself better at it.

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