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Reasons Why You Need A Dental Bone Graft

If you have lost a bone in your jaw, the process of dental bone graft is used to restore the lost bone. Not only does it provide a solid base for dental implants, but it also positively restores your appearance. The bone used during the process can be synthetic, your own, or someone else’s. This depends on the structure and requirements.


This process makes your jaw strong as the additional bone adjusts itself and sets with the other bones. This process is used by a dentist in Idaho Falls to solve a dental problem. However, there might be different reasons why you might need a dental bone graft. Mentioned below are some of the reasons.


Different reasons why even the best dentist in Idaho Falls will tell you to get a dental bone graft done


Loss of Tooth


One of the most common reasons why you might need a dental bone graft is the loss of teeth. This can be an unpleasant experience for everyone. Not only does it adversely affect your appearance, but it can also make you prone to infections and diseases. While a dental bone graft will not add a tooth, it will make your jaw stronger. This will make your structure upright and your jaw will revert to its original position.




Many times, due to tooth loss, the jawbone moves from its original position. They start moving from their position backward. This leads to the jawbone being absorbed inside your gums. This can result in burning infections and cause you severe pain. If you are facing this issue, a dental bone graft is the best solution for you. You should start your treatment as soon as possible to avoid further problems. The dentist in Idaho falls will suggest the same to you.


Dental Implant


After a person loses one or more teeth, he most probably goes for a dental implant to avoid having a gap between his teeth. But for a dental implant, one should have a strong jawbone. After the loss of teeth, the jawbone tends to weaken. The weak jawbone needs to be strengthened to make the process of dental implant easier. This also makes the jawbone healthy. This will also help the implant to last long as you will have a stronger jawbone.




A dental bone graft will also be best for you if you are planning to go for dentures. This is because a strong jawbone will be able to handle the weight of dentures easily. Not only this but it will also provide it with great strength and appearance. Dentures are common in elderly people, but they must have a strong jawbone to make them last longer. Dentists will refer to the same treatment if they think that the jawbone is not strong enough.


Gum Disease


The bones of the sockets of your teeth get adversely affected due to gum diseases and infections. This will cause your teeth to loosen and almost fall. To restore the loss of bone in your sockets and to avoid this situation, a dental bone graft will be apt. It will help your sockets against gum diseases. Treatment will be more effective if a person has strong jawbones. This will also help you protect the tooth that has been affected by the gum disease.


This process is commonly used by dentists to relocate someone’s bone and make their jaw strong. This process is, however, suggested in extreme cases. But to keep your jaw strong and restore your jaw’s arrangement, a dentist in Idaho Falls can suggest a dental bone graft. People choose this method over many others as it provides positive results and can prove beneficial in the long run.

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