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Reasons Why Your Company Needs Photography And Video With Drone

Due to the great influence that the internet currently has in areas such as marketing , public relations and sales , people are watching more and more videos to search for products, properties, interests, places to visit, etc. That is why the era of drones has come to the audiovisual world for a long time. It is a fact that objects promoted through video are much more likely to be bought than those advertised in the traditional way.

However, the market is becoming saturated with low-quality multimedia content, since anyone can access a camera, therefore, differentiating yourself from others in the industry and being seen can become a challenge to start in this world of service audiovisual production.  

The key is to show clients that you are better than anyone else at what you do. That is why, together with 2 ×, we bring you the reasons why your company needs video and photographs with drone.

Differentiate from the common result of a drone

As mentioned above, with the advancement of cameras in the last decade, it is now possible for anyone with some money to go buy a good phone or a GoPro and make moderately acceptable videos; we must admit that although this has its place in the world. Marketing does not distinguish it from the rest, because if your marketing strategy fails to sell the product or service, it is failing.

The videos drone offers an interesting opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and polish your professional image, but how can you do? To obtain professional areas, you need a special permit and an expert who has a few hours of flight; you know, practice makes perfect! This option is considered very economical in price-value terms, since your investment is very quickly recovered, if we talk about production costs. This means that you could get amazing video shots from Commercial Video Production Services in Dubai that will set your business or company for success.

Show a unique perspective that calls out to your audience

Business is about telling your story to your customers; the story about your brand, the people who work with you, and what you have to offer. Integrating videos and photographs with drone will allow your company to show a different perspective or vision of its work and property inspection boca rotan fl.

We start by watching the zenith shots (shots from above) in different scenarios of the audiovisual world, such as in movies, documentaries and even on television! Since then, engineering companies have sought to reinvent themselves, looking for how they can show structures from new angles so that builders and contractors offer investors a unique view of commercial projects. Farmers have even joined this new trend to offer new perceptions of their crops, who has not thought that from above everything looks more impressive and cool?

It is not as expensive as you think, we assure you not!

It should be noted that to get quality imagesprofessional service and quick turnarounds, you have to tackle this on a reasonable budget. Many people think that it takes an excessively high budget to get incredible aerial shots. However, for most basic stills and video shots, they are reasonably priced for ease of transport and use.

Don’t get left behind! Show your skills

Although it is sometimes difficult to show what your company is capable of, industries such as engineering and construction have stepped forward in this trend to make a difference in the market, since the magnitude of a large structure is usually lost if It is observed from the ground, so it is advisable to view the construction process of a building from above.

The drone’s tradeoff over other aerial photography and video methods

Both its users and manufacturers find more and more uses for drones and as hardware and software improve, the benefits are increasing.

The drone can go places that helicopters cannot

Some of the most impressive and creative images of drones are taken in places where helicopters cannot go. While we know, flying low has a creative advantage: capturing a sea of ​​trees, traversing a narrow mountain range, making 3D maps, and flying near structures to do their respective inspections. These in short, are dangerous positions to put a helicopter pilot; in addition, they could never make the incredible camera movements that a drone can do because of its size.

Do you need to repeat a take? The drone is flexible for this task

Retaking a helicopter shot adds complexity; typically, the camera operator is in the air while the customer is on the ground, which would involve time and money communication problems. Therefore, it is very easy to re-shoot with a drone and find the correct angle to do it. The cameraman and client can use the first person view and see exactly what the drone is recording.

The small size of the drone makes it easy to transport

The drones are easy to transport and install for your flight, which is a superior advantage over photography with telescopic masts. Shipping the masts can be time consuming and expensive. Particular equipment is needed, including a 4 × 4 truck, to make aerial photography masts portable.

Whereas, drones are much easier to transport and can be carried in a car or taken anywhere. No special equipment is needed to move the drone, making it a much easier method of capturing aerial images.

How can your business benefit from a drone?

Saving money when using drones

Renting a helicopter or plane to shoot aerial video is extremely expensive. The cost of pilots, gasoline, camera equipment, camera rentals, and security equipment is enough to shut down almost any project. Drones make aerial photography and video affordable for any business, in any industry. The price barrier is so low that there are many applications in which your company could save a lot of money, simply by using drones.

Safety for staff

Having a drone creates access to objects and places that would otherwise be impossible; whether it’s an inspection of a bridge, a complex shot for a movie, or a pipeline with a potentially lethal leak. Drones are ideal for conducting inspections that otherwise represent a dangerous situation for an employee, thus maintaining the safety of your staff and obtaining video and data necessary for your business.


Efficiency increases when you incur fewer costs, less debt, and less maintenance time. Drones can dramatically increase the efficiency of your business with building inspections, 3D modeling, or thermal imaging; By leaving operations in the hands of professionals, you will not only have fewer responsibilities and costs, but you can also be sure that the job will be well done.

Having knowledge of new innovations in the industry will allow you to be one of the first to make a difference with your brand or service. For this reason, BG Creatives has specialized in this new drone trend for years, making us leaders in the region. Contact us and we will create a budget according to your needs to take your production to another level.

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