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Reasons You Should Look To Change Careers After Age 50


A lot of older workers have everything needed to make a successful career change, including energy and experience. Below, we will go over some reasons you should consider it.

While changing career paths at age 50 isn't easy, there are plenty of reasons you should look to take your career in an entirely new direction if you aren't feeling fulfilled with your current one.

Those that aren't satisfied with their jobs don't need to simply push through it until they are able to retire. Nowadays, people live longer than ever. Likewise, they are working longer. Therefore, a person that is turning 50 might have 20 or more working years prior to retirement. Therefore, it can make sense to consider a change at 50 if you find that you want to try something different out. 

Below, we will go over some of the key reasons to consider making a career change after you hit 50 years of age.

1. You now know exactly what you want out of a career

Those that turn 50 likely have self-awareness in order to know what they want out of their career. Thus, by changing professions at 50, you will be able to set on a path to do exactly what you've wanted to do. 

In today's society, we end up making our first career choice when we are just teenagers. It is likely a direct result of this that many never truly enjoy their careers.

If you are someone that isn't enjoying your career path, you are likely feeling as if your life serves no purpose. By changing careers at 50, you are going to be able to know what you want out of your career and you will want to leave a legacy.

2. You have a job that is a dead-end

Many that work in declining industries ends up fearing for their jobs. After all, your job could become redundant at any point. The best way to prolong your career, in this case, is by switching gears and changing careers. Rather than simply waiting to get laid off, you will be able to prepare for a brand new career while you are currently employed, which can make things much less stressful.

If you are someone that is worried about being completely forced out of your new job, you will want to prepare for a new one in advance. Those that are older can take skill workshops and classes in order to either further specialize in their current career or to learn a brand new one which will make themselves much more marketable in the current job conditions.

3. Leverage your network

Another reason you might be considering doing it is the fact that you likely have a network that you can leverage. By working for years and simply living, you have likely built up a strong network of connections and professional contacts. Therefore, you can reach out to this network when you are looking to make a big career shift. 

4. Build Upon Past Successes

A lot of older applicants have a variety of accomplishments they will be able to showcase to prospective employers which is going to allow you to have a much easier time landing your dream job. Rather than attempting to hide your age, you should point at achievements and experiences that make you a better candidate than younger alternatives.

5. You fully understand your age isn't going to hold you back

A lot of people simply avoid changing jobs when they reach 50 because they fear that they are too old and they have passed the point of no return. There are so many different success stories on those that have successfully changed careers after age 50. 

6. You have the resources to follow your passion

Those that have reached 50 have likely saved up enough money to start doing what they have always wanted to do. Whether that be starting your own business or returning to school to get an advanced degree. 

7. You want to work for yourself

A lot of people that have worked countless hours working for others might be looking to make the ultimate decision of working for themselves. There are all kinds of different ways to be self-employed once you are passed 50 years of age. You might not get the same kind of benefits as working for someone else, but you will be able to achieve greater freedom knowing that you are your own boss and you control your own hours. 

By becoming self-employed, you can give yourself a much greater and more renewed sense of purpose, and it will allow you the freedom to dictate your own life and to spend more time with your family. 

Are you someone that has considered switching careers after age 50? If so, how did it pan out? Be sure to share your experiences with us in the comment section below and/or on our Facebook page. 

Now is the best time to plan out the remainder of your life and retire on your own terms.

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