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Recommendations For Microwave Use And Preventive Maintenance

The microwave oven is extremely reliable equipment when it comes to domestic appliances. It is being used in kitchens all over the world. This relatively simple appliance provides unmatched convenience and cooking speed. 

For a long time, there has been a controversy about its health hazards but this device has managed to take place in every household. 

Generally, microwaves operate for a long period without any hitches and glitches. The performance remains indistinguishable from its first use. But it is not uncommon to find a microwave not working. 

There could be many reasons and possible solutions. The safest option is to seek professional services for Microwave Oven Repair in Alpharetta GA.

This post is comprised of recommendations for homeowners about the safe microwave use. You will find tips about preventive maintenance. 

The provided information applies to most of the microwave ovens in existence. Refer to the equipment manual for specific operations and repairs.

Safe Installation And Use

1. Thoroughly Read The Instructions Manual

Even if you have hired professionals for installation, it is suggested to read the instruction manual. It is especially important when it is your first microwave. The manual includes all the instructions, recommendation and safety precautions for your specific oven model. 

You may even learn about new features from the manual which improves the performance of your equipment. If you want to make the most out of your investment, do not avoid reading the manual booklet.

2. Buy A Stand-Alone Unit

There are two basic types when it comes to buying microwave units. One is that stand-alone unit and the other is a built-in unit. If possible, select a stand-alone unit. It takes a bit of kitchen space but it has clear advantages. It is easier to install and cheaper to buy.

 In case of damage or troubleshooting, it can e easily accessed. These units have better ventilation and thus chances of heat build-up drastically reduce.  

3. Accessible Location

Think about the microwave location even before you buy it. Measure the available space and buying the size accordingly. Choose a convenient location. 

The oven must be accessible from four sides and leave enough space for door operations. It shouldn’t be located too high or too low. If you are buying an oven model with door opening downward you will consider the space accordingly.

4. Power Supply Considerations

There should be a three-wires grounded circuit, particularly for the microwave oven. If you have to use a 3 to 2 shoe adapter for temporary use, use the properly grounded outlet box. 

The adapter's ground terminal should be securely attached to the ground screw of the outlet box.

5. Grounded Outlets

The grounded outlets should be in perfect condition. The plug and adapter should fit tightly as the disturbances can lead to sparks and short circuits. It should not heat up during the microwave operation. 

A microwave oven is a high power device so safe and secure grounded outlets are essential.

6. Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is essential for the normal performance of the oven. Allow proper ventilation space at the sides and top. It is suggested to leave at least 2 inches on all sides if possible. 

Do not push the oven against the wall or wedge it against a tight corner of the kitchen. It is especially important when other electrical devices are working nearby.

7. Supervised Handling

Kids should only be allowed to use the microwave oven under supervision. Excessive use of the time of power setting can easily put the oven on fire. If heated for too long, simple food items such as popcorn can catch fire. The time should not exceed the suggested limits.

8. Use non-metallic Cookware

Do not use any metallic cookware in your oven because the metal has free electrons to move and the microwaves that are produced in an oven can hit with metal and get reflected if any metallic object is placed in microwave oven that might explode.

Tips For Preventive Maintenance

1. Interior Cleaning

Although a microwave oven is a reliable device, you should regularly clean it. After each use, clean the interior of the oven with a damp cloth. If necessary, use a mild detergent. Do not allow the build-up of food deposits as they can carbonize and result in heating, arcs, sparks, and interior paint damages.  

2. Exterior Cleaning

It is important to clean the exterior of the microwave oven. Always unplug the oven before cleaning it. Be very careful around the touchpad area as the liquid can seep into it. Normal operation can lead to short-circuiting and electrocution in the worst cases. Allow it properly dry after each cleaning.

3. Inspect Cord And Plug

Make sure that the cord and plug are not damaged and fit securely in the outlet. If you have a built-in unit, you must be very careful about the plug and cord. The heat can buildup and can melt the cord in built-in units very easily. If you find an outlet or cord melted, it must be replaced.  

4. Clear The Ventilation Grills

The ventilation holes and grills should be free of dirt, debris ad food deposits. Periodically check the built-up and clean it. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up debris and dust. The clogged ventilation grills can result in overheating.

5. Pay Attention To Unusual Sounds

If you hear any unusual sounds from the oven, better not ignore them. Although the normal function of the appliance is not exactly quiet but keep your ears open for abnormal sounds. If you hear any squealing, scraping or grinding sound, it may indicate some malfunctioning in the microwave oven.  

6. Keep Pests At Bay

It is important to keep the pests at bay. Do not leave unattended food deposits, dirty bins and open food packages in the kitchen. Clean the bins every night. The roaches and rodents can damage the sensitive internal circuits and may lead to short-circuiting.

7. Do Not Spray Near The Circuits

Never spray directly on the touchpad and near the circuits. The fluid can seep into and cause havoc. Allow the oven to dry for a week if any liquid gets inside the circuits.

If you still find it not working, hire professionals for electric and gas oven repair and service in Alpharetta GA.

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