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Recommended Ideas to Improve Residential Landscaping

Enhancing your outdoor landscaping can improve the overall feel of your property and add value to it. From building roofed areas to filling space with fabulous plants, here are some of the best ideas to improve your garden.

Simplify Your Design

A simple but impeccably maintained garden always looks pleasing to the eye, which is why you can never make a mistake with a minimalistic approach. How to do it? Choose two or three colours and use similar materials used to build the house. With residential landscaping Perth-wide dominated by elegant and simple designs, you can find plenty of inspiration in every suburb. You’ll see plenty of straight lines and levelled surfaces featuring turf, paving and decking or swimming pools and roofed areas. You’ll also notice that colour palettes are unpretentious but very effective.

There are two key decisions you need to make when beginning to create a landscape design. The first one is choosing between symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. The symmetrical style is recognisable by the mirror effect because you have identical design along the boundaries of your garden. If you want something a little more relaxed, you can create the so-called “asymmetrical balance” which is much less formal.

The second important decision you need to make is whether to opt for straight or curvy lines. The rule of thumb is to stick to one style or the other. Mixing them can look good, but it is very challenging to create a harmonious look.

Add Paving & Decking

Perth landscape design is primarily defined by the weather conditions. With long and dry summers, WA climate is perfect for spending time outdoors, and having a beautiful garden is a huge bonus. Paving and decking can improve the overall look of your outdoor living area because you can easily create separate spaces which can serve for different purposes from dining and entertainment to home office and cosy lounge areas.

Paving and decking can help you extend your living area and create comfortable outdoor spaces for work and relaxation. Paved and decked surfaces look fantastic, and they are so much easier to maintain. Additional benefits include the ability to mask segments of the garden you don’t like, flatten the ground and create the perfect base for garden furniture.

Build Pergolas & Patios

Perth landscaping professionals suggest that it is easy to make your garden weather-resistant. Roofed spaces provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain, allowing you to use your garden year-round. Adjacent to the house, pergolas and roofed patios are a natural extension of your indoor living space. During summer months, you’ll be protected from extreme heat, and during winter, you’ll never have to miss a warm and sunny day sitting inside.

Your garden should be versatile so that you can use it for different purposes. With a little help from experts in landscape design, you can dream up a garden design that incorporates both open-air and roofed areas ideal for everything from sunbathing and dining under the stars to doing office work and chilling with a good book. Pergolas and patios are great additions to any outdoor space, but it is important to build them from long-lasting materials and furnish them with high-quality garden furniture.

Fill Your Garden With Flowers& Greenery

Flowers and foliage are the heart and soul of your garden. You need them to elevate the look of your outdoor space, but also to make it healthier, more fragrant, more personal and more intimate. The first thing you can do to enhance your landscape design is to lay the turf. It will instantly transform your garden and make it look neater and greener. Mulch around your garden beds will also contribute to a clean and tidy look while screening plants can create privacy barriers and visually divide space into segments.

Choosing the right plants will make a significant impact on your overall design. Foliage will add texture and warmth to space, while bright blooms will visually expand the garden and make it extremely appealing. If you plant a few flower species that are in bloom year-round, it will make your outdoor area even more welcoming. But make sure to select varieties that are suitable for Perth climate and soil type in your garden.

As you can see, you only need a few thoughtful details to improve the look of your garden. You can learn more about residential landscaping if you visit: https://landscapebydesign.com.au/perth-garden-landscaping/

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