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Recover Data From VHD File If You Are Recieving Virtual Machine Error

Recover data from vhd file

We know that if the corruption takes place in the virtual machine file, the user has to face fatal data loss. The virtual Hard disk is the file extension for a disk image file format for storing the complete contents of the hard disk file. The virtual hard disk file is the type of file that has similar functionalities as a typical drive but is accessed, managed, and installed on a virtual machine infrastructure. So most of the user will search how to recover data from VHD file.

What is Virtual Hard Disk?

Virtual hard drive file is designed primarily to be used by virtual machines. It often contains the same hard disk sectors found on a physical hard drive such as disk partitions and a file system. So whenever user faces the corruption issues in VHD file, the user must have to repair it. This article describes how to recover data from VHD file.

What is Virtualisation?

In computing, it is the act of creating a virtual version of a device or resource, which includes operating system data storage device, virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices and computer network resources. Virtualisation has become popular among organisation as well as computers users. Virtualisation has huge benefits and different organisation use it differently. But the main goal of Virtualisation is to reduce unused resources and increase efficiency and uptime. But sometimes corruption may occur in the VHD file.

Virtual Machine File Access Error

Sometimes when the user starts the virtual machine the user will encounter an error like this “The file or directory is corrupted and Unreadable”. Confronting this error message is easy but sometimes it is very difficult to find the root cause of the problem.

Reasons for this error message is corruption. So the only way to fix this error message is to repair the VHD file. For this, the user first has restored the VHD file from the backup and make sure the backup file is in a valid state. If the backup file is not in the valid state then you cant restore the anything from it.

Method 1- How to Recover Data From Corrupt VHD File

There are few things the user can do to repair the VHD file. In case if the user is unable to recover the data from the VHD file. Then the user can prefer the automated solution to solve this problem.

Another thing the user can try is to create a virtual machine and add the corrupt VHD file. After that, the user has to compact the VHD file.

  1. The user first has to create a new virtual server and add a new hard disk.
  2. Select settings and the hard disk the user has created earlier. And then browse the corrupted VHD file.
  3. Choose the Virtual disk wizard, then select the compact option.
  4. Select “convert it to fixed virtual hard disk option “.
  5. The user will get the option to save the new VHD file as a new one. In case if the user needs to go back to the corrupt VHD, make sure to give it a different name.

Method 2 – Automated Solution Recover Data From Corrupt VHD File

When no manual tricks work for you, in that case, the must have to opt the professional solution to recover data from corrupt VHD file. This is an efficient software equipped with many features which helps to recover the data in just a few clicks. The user can recover important documents, photos, videos etc. This software allows recovering data from FAT and NTFS file system. No file size limitations are associated with this software it means the user can recover any size VHD files.

  1. Download and Install the software.
  2. Click On Open.
  3. Browse and select the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD file) and click on open.
  4. Now select the partition which the user wants to recover.
  5. Select the Recovery Mode from the Quick scan and Advanced scan.
  6. The user can preview the data after scanning of inaccessible VHD file.

Final Verdict

From the above write-up, we have explained how to recover data from VHD file with the help of manual and professional solution. The Manual method has some limitations such as difficult to perform, it requires strong technical hands to perform the entire process. In that case, the user can opt professional solution to recover data from VHD file which helps to recover the data in without any hassle.

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