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6 Ways for Businesses to Reduce Network Downtime

In the connected world we live in, network downtime is a business’s worst nightmare. There are many reasons for network outages including power cuts, malware, hardware failure, and internet service provider (ISP) issues. These issues likely aren’t at the forefront of your mind, especially when you have more important, business-related tasks to take care of. However, it’s important to make the time because network downtime can cost thousands.

Network Monitoring

Depending on the size of your business, you will have various network switches, routers, and other network-related equipment. When something goes wrong, it can be difficult to isolate if you don’t stay ahead of the game. Therefore, you should monitor your network at all times, which will help point you in the right direction to have you back online in no time.

Have a Reputable ISP

There would be no internet access without ISPs, but not all internet providers provide the same level of quality. If you’re suffering regular network outages and you’ve carried out these troubleshooting techniques, it’s time to look toward your ISP. A quality provider, like this Blackstone Ranch internet provider, will supply fiber lines, offer affordable business packages, and provide options for leased lines.

Backup Client Data

These days, data is key to business efficiency and growth. Therefore, regardless of your business’s size, it’s important to back up client data. Keeping client data backed up allows you to get back online quickly if your entire infrastructure goes down. Further, in the event of data breaches, your client data can be kept safe while the original data is wiped as a defense. This is a great way to avoid expensive lawsuits resulting from data breaches. 

Software Scheduling

If your business deals with large amounts of data, you will need likely need to generate regular reports. However, gathering data takes up a significant amount of processing power, which is why we recommend scheduling tasks. The best time to gather data is while your business is closed, like overnight. This way, your data analytics can use as much bandwidth as required.

IT Support

There are a lot of digital and tech components at work at all times to keep the cogs of business turning. If one component malfunctions, the entire system could crash and leave you with zero network access. Therefore, it’s essential to have an IT support team onboard. You don’t need to spend money hiring an in-house team, as there are plenty of external businesses willing to keep your infrastructure intact remotely.

Have Backup Power Supply

No matter what you do, nothing can prevent unexpected power outages. However, you can install a backup power supply to protect your IT systems. You may never need the backup power, but you’ll be thankful for the investment if you lose vital customer communications and thousands of dollars in income.

Network downtime will happen eventually, but the question is how you reduce instances and deal with the fallout. Having a professional IT team on hand, scheduling data-gathering tasks, and monitoring your network are great ways to get out in front.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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