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Reducing the size of your videos is now easy thanks to Wondershare UniConverter

To preserve your device's memory, compressing files can be a good solution. Learn how to reduce video size for lighter media.

The advancement of smartphone technology has enabled users to have a camera in their hands whenever they need to register a moment. However, the higher the quality of the photo or video, the larger the file size, which damages the memory of the phone and the computer. But it is possible to have lighter media by reducing the size of your videos.

This reduction is especially interesting for those who like to record the moments and ends up with little memory available when they need it most. By decreasing the size of your videos, the space that media occupies on your computer is reduced.

In addition, anyone thinking about creating a YouTube channel or producing content for social networks also benefits from reducing the size of the videos, allowing productions to load more quickly. But how to reduce the size of your videos? With UniConverter, one of the best methods for reducing media weight.

Reducing video size with UniConverter

One of the main features of UniConverter is its ease of use. From the first experience, the user finds an intuitive interface that allows you to easily find what you want.

To use UniConverter, you must download the program from the brand's website. You can use the free version, to know the available resources. Then, to reduce the size of the videos, just follow the step by step presented below:

1. Add the videos in the software:

To start the compression process, you need to open UniConverter. Click the Add Files button and select the media you want to reduce in size.

2. Setting the video format:

The added videos show your current settings. Click on the Compression button so that a new window appears on the screen, allowing you to identify the settings of the output file.

3. Finishing the project:

To start the compression process, click OK to confirm the desired settings. This phase may take a few minutes, but in the end, the project will be saved in another folder.

An important information is that, when compressing a video file, it is possible that the quality is also reduced. So it is interesting to do tests to see how far you are willing to lose in quality to preserve the memory of your equipment.

UniConverter always values ​​the balance between quality and size. In addition, know that UniConverter is more than a video compressor, making it possible for the user who chooses the software to have different resources to work with.

Other benefits of UniConverter In addition to offering the feature of reducing the size of videos, of the most varied formats, UniConverter proves to be a good option for other tasks. One of the extra features of UniConverter is video editing. With the presence of the main editing tools, you can create content directly through the software, to share on networks like YouTube, which has more than 2 billion monthly accesses. Video editing tools include cutting scenes, inserting captions or watermarks and features for color correction. In addition, UniConverter allows you to record your screen, either for tutorial videos or gameplay.

As it is a software with format conversion capabilities, UniConverter allows the user to make different transformations, such as converting an MP4 file to MP3. By presenting all the tools in the same interface, it is not necessary to download several software to perform different tasks.

More space on your device's memory

When it comes to reducing file sizes, having a reliable program is essential. In this sense, UniConverter is a good choice for both companies and families. Businesses of the most varied types can benefit from UniConverter, especially those that work with creative processes. Photographers, designers and even architects can save a lot of space in the equipment's memory by reducing the size of the backup files.

It can be concluded that this software is more than sufficient. UniConverter is a helper for any layman who wants to send videos that are too large. Hopefully by reading this article you can gain useful knowledge. Thanks for reading.

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