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Register a Domain for your new Online Business Now

Buying a domain is an investment wants to obtain visibility and benefits on the Internet, as well as a key step in the digitization of your company for any business that.

By purchasing a domain, users can clearly and unequivocally identify us when searching for services and products. A semantic identification allows us to be found easily among the many domains that exist for the same activity, competing with large and small brands in the sector.

Registering a domain with our brand also allows customers to remember us more easily during the listing and subsequent results screening. You can also point your new domain to an existing one with a (visible) web redirect. Also, if you want a redirect with Frame active (not visible), check out our domain redirection service.

What is the use of registering a domain?

Registering a domain is a guarantee of security for any Online business, beyond the advantages of visibility in Internet search engines.

Another advantage we get after registering a domain is security, since it protects your brand against malicious online phishing attempts that create phishing-like web pages with similar domain names.

Thanks to IP technology, key in the assignment of domains and subdomains, when buying a domain you acquire a unique identification number (eg

How to choose the perfect domain name?

When buying a premium domain for sale, choose a simple name so that customers can remember your brand name and get to your website easily. Don't forget to include your keyword when registering a domain. In this way, when your web page appears in the search results of the most popular search engines, the name you have defined will be highlighted.

Looking for free domains, you can know if a name is available using our search engine and we will indicate its availability. If the domain name you are looking for is already registered, you can use a new extension that is not so popular, for example, if you want to register a domain with the name you can choose or and check if it is free.

Also, when you buy it you will have a shorter domain name that only contains the words you want. You can also choose to use synonyms or alter the order of the words. Avoid user complications. Using special characters and / or accents is not prohibited, but it makes it difficult for your users to remember the domain name and even makes it easier for them to get confused with a similar one, so keep this in mind when you go to buy your domain.

The first, somewhat complicated, is to modify the domain name, which usually involves a large investment of time and can generate complications for those who must use a fixed name to create their website. The second option is usually the most appropriate. Other TLD options (such as .com, .online or .org) are considered with the help of a domain search engine and combined with the desired domain name. The biggest advantage of considering alternative domain extensions is that the domain name does not have to be changed.

If after using the domain check you realize that registering a .com domain involves big changes to the name you had in mind, includes complicated word combinations or is too long, you should consider some alternatives. Fortunately, in addition to the popular .in or .net endings, there are plenty of options to choose from today including the new TLDs.

Advantages of generic top-level domains

Some of the advantages of TLDs are obvious, for example, if you want to create a website for your company or brand using a .in domain, but it has already been registered. Using free TLDs allows you to use an easy-to-remember domain to create a strong online presence.

In addition, using the appropriate domain extension, it is possible to inform your website visitors about the content or services they can expect from it: if you have an online store, domains like .store, .sale or .shopping will be appropriate for you. If you want to emphasize the type of products you sell, you can use domains like .services, .toys or .shoes. In addition to the examples mentioned, the new TLDs cover aspects of many other sectors.

If your website has an international focus, it is highly recommended that you opt for a generic top level domain. .Es domains are intended for web projects located within Spanish territory and imply, in a certain way, a geographical limitation of their offer. While domains like .web, .com or .online, can be more easily interpreted as international extensions.

Reserve and register the appropriate domain

On the Internet there are hundreds of entities in charge of domain registration, also known as Registrar Agents. These are companies or organizations that offer other types of Internet services, eg. ex. web hosting. In most cases, these organizations have a domain search service or domain check, through which it is possible to verify if the desired domain is still available. Here it is important to note that the registration of some TLD is not yet possible, so it is only possible to reserve them, this as a consequence of the introduction of these TLDs has yet to be done.

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