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Rehab Centers: How to Choose the Right Rehab?

If your loved one is in trouble and has become drug-addicted, then don’t hope that you will be able to pull him out of this abyss on your own. Since you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills for this. Before placing a loved one for rehabilitation, you need to choose the right place. It is advisable to contact specialists whose qualifications have been tested by time.

To achieve positive results, it is necessary to carry out therapy in a hospital setting. Only in this case, it can be guaranteed that the patient will not have access to drugs and will be under the constant supervision of specialists. Recovery in case of addiction cannot be quick, it is a long period during which all resources must be worked out.

More information about drug rehab centers can be found on the Ukat website.  Treatment centers provide comfortable accommodation and successfully treat hundreds of people affected by the negative impact of addiction.

While choosing a rehab center answer these questions:

Is there all the documentation confirming the legality of the activity carried out?

Has the staff such qualified specialists as psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches, psychiatrists and narcologists?. Each employee of the center is required to have documents that confirm their qualifications.

Is psychological assistance provided after the signing of a bilateral agreement?

Are high-quality diagnostic measures carried out to determine the stage of the problem? This allows treatment according to an individually tailored concept. It is necessary to pay attention to the program of the rehabilitation center, which must be formulated in the most careful way. The development of the patient in accordance with the program should take place in different directions, including physical, social, psychological recovery, etc.

A rehabilitation program is a set of measures aimed at eliminating physiological and psychological dependencies. It helps the addict to adapt to a life without drugs, to return to society, to realize and accept his illness. It is almost impossible to do without rehabilitation in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Has the clinic a clearly structured program?

When choosing a therapy, it is possible to contact different specialists. The scheme of psychological assistance is carried out in a comprehensive manner, affecting all 5 areas of development: social, psycho emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical.

If all the listed aspects correspond to reality, then you can safely stop your choice on such a center and be sure that there will be a positive result.

Also, significant advantages will be:

  • well balanced nutrition;

  • availability of a gym;

  • comfortable living conditions;

  • private sessions with patients;

  • group psychotherapeutic sessions.

It is very important that the rehabilitation program includes work in different areas. It should be physical labor, creative tasks, emotional factors, as well as development in the cognitive and behavioral areas. The program should include the most effective psychocorrectional techniques, as well as various models of psychotherapy. The patient's awareness of his problem is very important for effective treatment. To do this, it is necessary to convey to him all the knowledge about the disease.

Treatment of a disease such as addiction must be carried out in a comprehensive manner. Only a phased multifaceted rehabilitation will give the necessary positive result. The best rehab center should assist each patient to adapt to the new reality and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

There is no need to wait for the treatment of addiction to happen quickly and painlessly because the addiction has been forming for more than one day. The main thing in any business is the attitude towards the result. Only in this case can you succeed, even if there are breakdowns.


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