Relaxing Scents to Incorporate into your Bedtime Routine


After a busy day at work, getting a good night’s rest is important. However, between work and life stressors, being able to sleep soundly is not a guarantee. One of the easiest ways to guarantee a good night’s rest is by setting up a tranquil environment to help you relax and sleep better. This soothing environment can include adding aromatherapy to your room, additional steps to your nightly routine or adding a simple boost to one of your other treatments.


One of the most well-known sleep aids is lavender. This fragrant flower is known for its ability to promote relaxation of the body and mind. As the soothing aroma fills the air, it can help you put your mind at ease after a long, stressful day. Lavender works by helping to slow the nervous system, which allows you to calm down and sleep easier. If you are looking to add a little boost to your night sleep, consider using some lavender in your nightly routine to sleep sounder throughout the night.


The sweet aroma of a rose is useful for more than just romance. Roses can create a calming environment to help you sleep better. However, rose is good for more than just helping alleviate stress. Studies have shown that the scent of rose can help to improve your learning ability while you sleep. Whether you have a big presentation coming up or just looking to relax, put some rose by your bed and feel the difference it makes.


Are you having trouble sleeping well? The soothing scent of eucalyptus can help boost your restful sleep.
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Eucalyptus is a medicinal herb with a minty but sweet scent. If you have difficulty sleeping or struggle with sleep apnea, this aromatic plant is the perfect solution to your troubles. Before you go to sleep, rub some
eucalyptus cream on your body and let the fresh, crisp smell fill the air and lull you to sleep. When you wake up, you will feel rested and ready to take on anything.


Imagine as you lay down to sleep, a rich, floral smell fills the room, beckoning thoughts of warm, Southeast Asian nights. Jasmine works by helping to reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn lets you sleep easier. The benefits of jasmine don’t end there, though. It has been shown to help improve the overall quality of your sleep as well. If you keep waking up restless, despite sleeping all night, consider adding this scent to your room for a fuller, better night’s rest.


Whether baking or picking out a favorite perfume, hints of vanilla are a welcome addition. This is also true when looking to sleep better. Vanilla is a commonly used booster for a sleep aid. The sweet scent gives a calming atmosphere that is perfect for someone ready to sleep. It has even been shown to assist as an antidepressant. Don’t shy away from using a couple drops of vanilla oil in addition to other scents to elevate your sleep quality.

Clary Sage 

A strong herbaceous scent may not be what you think of for your sleep aid, but clary sage, when used as an additive to your shower, can promote what may be your most relaxing night's sleep in a long time. This powerful herb has a strong sedative effect, which, when mixed with the soothing feel of a hot shower, can put your mind at ease before a long, restful night of sleep. Just be sure that you can dedicate a full night of rest before you use this herbal support.


After a long, stressful day getting relaxed and sleepy can be a challenge. Particularly if you have a lot on your mind. This stress can keep you up for hours, leaving you restless and exhausted for work the next day. To help avoid this, before you go to bed, try having a cup of hot chamomile tea to help soothe your nerves and fall asleep faster. You will wake up the next morning rested and ready for the day ahead.

Valerian Root

If you have been struggling with sleep and are looking to try something a little different, then a stinky herb may just be the trick you need for a full night's sleep. Native to Asia and Europe, valerian root is full of compounds that make you feel calm. Additionally, it helps you to improve how your body reacts to stress, perfect for a business person with a lot on their mind. Including valerian root in your nightly routine will help you sleep better each night.


When you are looking to improve your sleep, adding some aromatherapy or additional steps can make a huge difference. However, if your sleep issues are ongoing, you may want to seek professional help to check for any underlying problems.