Friday, September 29, 2023
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The Reliability of Robotic Welding Technology

Based on some historical accounts, welding has been used for around 2,000 years. Some of the oldest welds in existence date back to the Bronze Age. Of course, the forms of this art being used today didn't enter the mix until about 200 years ago when acetylene was discovered and put to practical use. At this point, welding is used in numerous instances to create sturdy, long-lasting joints. These days, robotics has become a major component of the welding industry as well. 

Taking a Closer Look at Robotic Welding

Not very long ago, robotic welders were little more than elements of science fiction. Today, though, they're a widespread reality. Companies across the globe are using robots to aid in their construction and manufacturing processes. As a result, they're benefiting from greater precision, less human error, and a range of other advantages. While the process of shopping for welding equipment is a bit different for robotic machinery than it is for a human workforce, the overall outcome is undeniable.

Is Robotic Welding Technology Reliable?

In the past, the reliability of robotic welding technology was very much in question. Anytime machinery takes over to carry out tasks once reserved for humans, people are going to raise their eyebrows at such a notion. These days, robotic welders are extremely reliable, and they can provide several benefits for the companies that choose to use them.

Greater Speed

It's impossible to deny that robotic welders are faster than humans. That's particularly important for mass production processes and completing projects according to stringent deadlines. Robots have no need for breaks or sleep, so they can work around the clock. As such, there's little downtime with this type of technology. With the exception of potential breakdowns, there's no end to the amount of welding work they can accomplish.

Improved Efficiency

Some reports indicate that robotic welding is at least 65 percent more efficient than manual processes. Speed and reduced downtime are among the factors that lead to greater efficiency, but they're not the only ones. Robotic welders provide more precision than human hands can offer, so they're not prone to errors and can easily accomplish tedious welds. They also generate less waste. All those aspects further enhance the reliability of robotic welding technology.

Enhanced Safety

Robotic welders help to enhance safety in the workplace as well. According to a recent industry write-up, an estimated 500,000 welding injuries occur each year. Despite extensive training, experience, and due caution, welding can certainly be a dangerous profession. Robot welders can help reduce the rate of injuries and keep workers safe. That likewise helps to reduce downtime and expenses for companies. 

Making the Most of Robotic Welders

Those are a few of the factors that speak to the reliability of robotic welding technology. Companies can benefit from this type of technology in many ways. Though it comes with a steep upfront investment, many insist they've more than recouped the costs of robotic welding equipment over time. Additionally, the increases in efficiency, productivity, and safety can further boost companies' bottom lines. 

Experts point out that robotic welders aren't appropriate in all situations. In many cases, switching from one form of welding to another can take a certain amount of time and planning with robotic equipment. That's generally not the case with human welders. At the same time, robotic welders typically aren't recommended for small-scale welding needs. In other instances, though, this type of technology can offer many advantages. 

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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