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This Oil Offers Better Relief For Dental Pain (Better Than Opioids) 

Cannabis stands out as a potential aid in pain management by offering distinct advantages without the drawbacks associated with opioids. Pain, being a subjective experience, necessitates diverse approaches for relief, with opioids being a common choice. The inherent risks of opioid use underscore the need for alternative solutions.

Cannabis oil emerges as a promising substitute for managing dental pain compared to opioids. It boasts properties that yield fewer side effects and present a more balanced and potentially safer option. You can easily access this cannabis oil through an online cannabis Canada dispensary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabis can offer fewer side effects and overdose problems than opioids.
  • CBD exhibits promising potential in addressing dental pain concerns by specifically targeting pain pathways to alleviate inflammation.
  • Opioids are alternative medications when NSAIDs are not working.

Cannabis Plant for Managing Dental Pain

Over-the-counter drugs are a strategy for alleviating emergency dental pain, but not all patients can take them, and some may receive inadequate relief. Because of this issue, alternative approaches are necessary for individuals who fall into these categories.

Within the cannabis plant, CBD showcases noteworthy anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Its impact on the body's pain pathways diminishes inflammation and alleviates tooth discomfort.

A Study from the Journal of Dental Research


In a comprehensive clinical trial, 61 individuals grappling with intense tooth discomfort participated. These participants were randomly designated to receive varying doses of Epidiolex, a pure CBD solution that has gained FDA approval, or a placebo. 


Researchers observed patient pain levels over a three-hour period using a visual analog scale (VAS), a widely recognized tool employed for evaluating the intensity of pain.


The study revealed noteworthy pain relief among both CBD groups compared to the placebo group. Approximately 85 percent of individuals using CBD reported a considerable decrease of at least 50 percent in their initial pain levels. Both CBD groups achieved a median reduction of 70 percent in pain.

Another significant discovery highlighted in the research was the increase in bite force among participants who incorporated CBD into their routines. This observation implies a potential enhancement in tooth function, which indicates a potential advantage for individuals experiencing dental pain that hampers their ability to chew.

Exploring How CBD Can Replace Opioid Use

Opioids stand out as a strong pain-relieving medication, yet their use comes with a range of associated side effects. These drugs are prone to misuse, with some individuals seeking them for their euphoric effects. The following table sheds light on the opioid crisis in Canada.

DeathJanuary 2016 and March 202122,828
HospitalizationJanuary 2016 and 202127,604 
Emergency Medical Services (suspected opioid overdose)April 2020 to March 202132,000 

Multiple research suggests the potential substitution effect of cannabis for opioid use. This prompted considerations of its role as a valuable intervention strategy in addressing the persistent opioid epidemic. 

Key factors supporting this notion include:

  • Compelling evidence indicating the efficacy of cannabis in managing chronic pain among adults
  • The widespread utilization of medical cannabis in pain management
  • A noteworthy distinction from opioids is that cannabis has no overdose-related deaths, given that its acute effects do not depress respiratory function.

In a study from the Harm Reduction Journal, researchers highlighted CBD oil as a frequently chosen alternative to traditional cannabis use. For those opting for substitutions, the prevalence of 'hash, pot, or skunk' stood out in the anti-psychotic medicine category. 

A noteworthy revelation emerged as the majority of participants substituting with CBD reported a heightened efficacy in managing their conditions compared to the prescription drugs they had previously relied upon. A significant proportion also shared that the side effects associated with conventional medications were notably more severe than those experienced with the use of CBD.

Blossom X for Managing Pain

BlossomX stands out as a distinguished Canadian brand celebrated for its dedication to creating cannabis-infused products, including a range of edibles and oils. Noteworthy among their offerings are CBD oils, esteemed for their exceptional quality and reported efficacy.

BlossomX Premium CBD Oil

Dosage: 3000, 7500, and 10000mgBenefits:CalmingAnti-InflammatoryPain relief

Recent studies highlight the potential of CBD in addressing chronic pain through its modulation of endocannabinoid system. It demonstrates a capacity for pain relief by dampening inflammation and interacting with the body's neurotransmitters.

BlossomX Premium THC: CBD Oil

Dosage: 500, 1000, and 1500mgBenefits:Stress reliefInsomnia treatmentReduces spasm

Delicately formulated, the 1:1 Drops by BlossomX present a carefully balanced combination of THC and CBD for a nuanced experience. BlossomX employs an advanced extraction technique utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) to draw out the medicinal components from dried cannabis.

They mixed the components in MCT oil, a carrier oil efficiently absorbed by the body. Striving for the optimal balance, the brand incorporated CBD Isolate in a precisely calibrated 1:1 ratio with THC.

The interaction between THC and CBD unfolds into a multifaceted interplay, where their dynamic synergy involves both complementing and counteracting each other in diverse ways.

CBD serves as an inhibitor of CB1 receptors in the brain, the primary target for THC's psychoactive effects. This counteraction by CBD leads to a tempering of THC's psychoactive impact. CBD acts as an inhibitor of adenosine (A2A) receptors, ultimately curbing the release of dopamine in the body, a major factor contributing to anxiety.

The combined effects of CBD and THC present a synergistic enhancement of their individual pain-relieving properties. CBD collaborates harmoniously with THC and results in a heightened efficacy in alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. This synergistic interplay significantly amplifies the overall therapeutic potential of cannabis.


Using cannabis oil is a promising alternative for addressing dental pain with the advantage of minimal side effects and a decreased risk of overdose. The inclusion of CBD in these oils alleviates concerns about the psychoactive impact of THC and provides patients with a non-intoxicating option. For those seeking a balanced approach, 1:1 oils are available to foster a synergistic effect with the potential for enhanced pain relief.

Frequently Asked Section

Who is eligible to buy cannabis online?

Individuals of legal age can easily access cannabis through online platforms. Whether seeking it for medical or recreational purposes, the option to purchase cannabis online is available to eligible consumers.

Can I order mail-order weed?

Some dispensaries offer mail-order cannabis for residents of Canada. This convenient service allows you to place an order from anywhere within the country, and the dispensary will handle the shipping for you. Confirming that the dispensary explicitly mentions nationwide shipping is essential to ensure their delivery service extends beyond local areas.

What does 1:1 THC: CBD product mean?

This indicates that the cannabis product comprises balanced levels of THC and CBD. These particular items, available on various online platforms, are noteworthy for their ability to deliver enhanced effects, thanks to the entourage effect. This sets them apart from products that solely feature THC or CBD.

Can I get a discount when I present my medical prescription?

It's possible that you could access cost savings if you possess a valid prescription and meet the criteria for government social assistance or low-income status.

What is the maximum amount of cannabis I can purchase online?

The allowable purchase limit varies based on your location. Both physical retail outlets and online suppliers adhere to a maximum limit of 30 grams per transaction. Certain areas may slightly reduce the purchase limit to 28 grams for each transaction.

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