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Remote Working and Azure Virtual Desktop

In the year 2021, remote working became a need for a large number of businesses. In 2022, the number of permanent remote workers is expected to triple after about a year. As a result of this shift, demand for desktop as a service (DaaS) has risen, with the market expected to exceed $3.2 billion in sales this year. 

Many firms resorted to Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (AVD) when managing a new remote workforce (formerly known as azure virtual desktop). In March 2021, the service saw a threefold spike in usage. Despite being only launched in late 2019, the service rapidly became a go-to option as working from home became more common.

Since the 1990s, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has been utilized to address the problem of delivering a consistent work environment for the employees regardless of their location or the device they own.

Many businesses have grappled with the 'Thick versus Thin' argument, attempting to balance the two types tailored to individual requirements. AVD helps significantly eradicate this issue by delivering a consistent user experience without compromising assets or access to data.

Why has AVD become so popular in the face of so many alternative options? Here are some of the most important factors to consider while migrating to remote work and how AVD plans to address them.

Simplicity And Speed:

Because of the nature of the COVID outbreak, businesses were under pressure to make the switch to remote operations. Any application that functions on Windows 7 or 10 can run in AVD's environment, allowing users to use classic productivity apps like Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Solving challenges with efficiency and speed can also help with onboarding and, in particular, setting up technical equipment and apps, which have been a concern in the past. In the United States, the average cost per hire is roughly $4,000, and a suboptimal onboarding process can result in higher attrition and waste of resources.

Due to a lack of access to particular devices or programs, everybody has faced delays and aggravation when starting a new job. This problem is addressed by AVD, which provides all of the application and security needs required for new staff to be up and running quickly.

Importantly, taking these steps to guarantee a seamless onboarding process can increase early productivity and overall performance.


Two of the most pressing considerations while switching to remote working are user data security and the capacity to keep the computer up to date with the newest security updates. Businesses are justifiably concerned about maintaining security requirements while working from home since cybersecurity assaults have expanded prominence and sophistication.

AVD builds on the same security principles that come standard with Microsoft Azure, using features like Conditional access and reverse connect technology to create high security and a responsive ecosystem.


The straightforward and low-cost structure of AVD is one of the reasons for its growing popularity. Because there is no need to acquire wholly serviced desktop computers for remote use while using the azure virtual desktop, you can save a lot of money on hardware.

It's also designed to accommodate the growing 'bring your own device' (BYOD) trend, which began long before the pandemic, this trend is expected to continue. As part of Microsoft's larger remote working infrastructure, AVD aids meet those requirements with a system that works on nearly any device.

These features allow AVD to assist your company and help your users reach their full potential.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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