Saturday, September 30, 2023
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“I was sick of having to spend tens of hours a week doing everything,” says Katie Cliffton.

Having been a landlord for several years, this year I decided it was time for me to find a new way of doing things. While the traditional landlord methods I was using were working, they were also extremely time-consuming and I often felt like I needed to hire a personal assistant to deal with it all. The reality is, hiring someone to manage my properties was not realistic and so I turned to the internet to find digital tools that could ease and streamline the entire process. In my search, I found RentMessage, a tool that as a landlord makes managing properties and finding new renters for them quick and efficient.

RentMessage did everything and more. It took 5 minutes to sign up and add my property. I received close to 20 qualified tenants, “ says Katie Clifton.

There are many different features that make RentMessage a great tool to use for managing properties. First of all, it is extremely simple to sign up. All you will need to provide is some basic information like your name and how many properties you own. After that, you can utilize all of their features to manage your properties. So, let’s say I have a rental I want to put on the market. One of the features they offer is Rental Advertising Online, essentially all I will need to do is upload one single advertisement to RentMessage and from there RentMessage will publicize my ad across the web. They even provide you with the option to add your advertisement to Craigslist by copying the personalized ad you created. Once your ad is up, they will do an automatic lead tracking and pre-screening, this means that any tenants that do not fit your requirements, whether that’s because of a move-in date, pets, employment status, or household size will automatically be screened. You will also be able to see everyone who has applied or wants to contact you in one single place.

“I love how easy RentMessage is to use. Everything is FREE!” says Katie Clifton.

When it comes to the application, RentMessage has got you covered, you can create a personalized questionnaire for your applicants and past landlords will automatically be contacted for references. The website will also be carrying out Tenant Screening, so you will be able to get a criminal report, credit report, and any past evictions on your potential renters. Once you have found the perfect tenant you can use RentMessage to actually manage your properties. This means that through one website you will be able to keep an archive of your leases, documents specific to your rental, repair requests, and to communicate with your renters so as to assist them with their needs. You can also compare your rentals to other rentals in the area and request renters’ insurance if you feel that that is necessary. All the bureaucracy and trying to organize everything manually becomes semi-automatic and the time that can save you is reason enough to consider making the switch over to a digital tool to handle your properties.

“Not only did I receive close to 20 qualified tenants inquiring about my rental, RentMessage made it easy to get their application, credit report and background check!”

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can also track rent payments for your properties. Now, if you only have one property getting the money from the rental might not be as hard to track and manage, but if you are dealing with multiple properties having a secure way of ensuring that you are getting your money on time can be really handy. This means that through one website you will be able to keep an archive of your leases, documents specific to your rental, repair requests, and to communicate with your renters so as to assist them with their needs. As all of your rental transactions will be online, you can also set up an automatic reminder for your tenants as well as a payment history. In this way, there won’t be an occasion where you miss a payment or forget to track it. It will automatically be done for you.

If you, like me, own any properties you will definitely understand how keeping all of these things, from rental ads to potential tenant screenings, to managing properties and rent in one place can save you time and it can stop you from worrying about your properties and managing them. Using RentMessage, I no longer feel like I need an assistant, instead, I feel like I have an assistant right in my pocket. Whenever something needs managing, I just track it all using my smartphone without any hustle. If you are considering making the switch, let this be your sign that it is a great idea. All you need to do is sign up using the RentMessage website by clicking here. After that, the whole process will be smooth sailing.

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