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Requirements for a Good Trader

I think it is necessary to make a separation of skills, attitudes and circumstances that have to be given and work to be able to trade 500 with guarantees.

Before entering the matter with all the requirements for trading, I think it is necessary to make a small point, trading does not mean doing intraday trading exclusively.

Trading means making intraday and long-term investments, we are not focusing on one type of operation, but on a global way of seeing and analyzing investments. These can be in one or in several temporalities.

I am aware that you are going to read strange, rare things such as a positive attitude in life, food, exercise, etc…. All of this sounded like fairy tales to me years ago, believing that it is more important than it seems, especially the part of taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

Requirements for Good Trading.


Training to trade is necessary, not that it is an essential aspect to be able to invest with guarantees, but it does shorten the time.

When you pay for training what you do is save time, the world of investments can be complex and if it is not known even overwhelming, good training is key to saving time and being on the right track.

Training may not be necessary at first, there are many things that can be done in a self-taught way, but there comes a point that it is necessary to take a leap in quality.

Good Training Can Advance The Process Months.

Mental Strength

Having the mental strength to trade is a fundamental requirement, there is nothing more important than strength, it may sound strange, but it is so. If you are reading this phrase and you are surprised that you have not done intraday trading if you understand that you have already started trading.

It is absolutely essential to be a strong person and have clear ideas to be able to operate, but at the first setback you will abandon, and believe me, you will have many along the way.


That's right, without money we cannot trade in the short or long term, there is no way.

To dedicate ourselves to investments, money is our most precious asset and must be our absolute priority, keeping it is essential.

Normally we think that it takes a lot of money to make investments, that's a lie, nowadays you don't need large amounts of money.

If we want to trade intraday, what is expensive is the money we need to be able to maintain ourselves until we learn to trade with a minimum consistency, getting to that point takes years, therefore, we will need the money to be able to maintain ourselves until we have guarantees.

Commitment and Dedication

All jobs and activities require commitment and dedication, but even if it sounds pedantic or even bad, trading is the job that requires the most. Why? Because every day is different and we have to live and go through all situations.

Every day the market behaves differently, and the only way to adapt to it is to work every day as it is presented, every day. There is no exception.

When we talk about commitment, it is having the willpower to continue when things are not going well, and to get up again to continue when we fall on our way.


I was the first to ignore this point, to this day I pay attention to it and put it into practice clearly and forcefully.

By being fit I don't mean to do a marathon or to be able to swim 3 kilometers, but to have a physical form that allows us to be clear in our minds, that allows us to have a capacity for concentration in what we are doing.

Each person is different, it is part of our work to know the sport and activity that best suits us, as well as the frequency and intensity.

The more physical health, the more ability to concentrate and focus on solving situations.

Eat Healthy

Like the previous case, I was the first to ignore this point, to this day I pay attention to it and put it into determined practice.

Eating healthy is closely related to the previous point of the exercise, in fact, they go hand in hand and are very close.


They say the second brain in the stomach, I can't agree more. Combine a balanced diet with exercise and you will see what difference you act in situations.

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