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Resolve spectrum app error code rlc-1000 | Spectrum error codes

Spectrum app error code rlc-1000

As you stream Spectrum TV Channel on your Roku Streamers, you can sometimes come across Error code issues like spectrum app error code rlc-1000, Elevate spectrum TV Error, WUC-1002 and many more. You can resolve these errors using the Troubleshooting tips available in this article.

spectrum app error code rlc-1000

Troubleshooting Tips to fix spectrum app error code rlc-1000

RLC 1000 Error Code

The spectrum app not working on roku rlc-1000 this exception you may receive as you stream the Spectrum TV channel on your Roku streamer. Usually, the cause of this Spectrum TV error code RLC-1000 is mainly due to multiple stream overlapping.

In order to resolve this RLC 1000 Error Code, you can choose the connection as Spectrum TV as the TV provider. This you can perform by navigating to the entertainment section available under the Spectrum TV App menus. You can utilize the amalgam entertainment concept in procuring the Spectrum TV channel on your Roku streamers.

 RLC -1000 error

  • Try restarting the Roku streaming device and the Router. Apart from this you can try re-Launching the Spectrum TV Channel App.
  • Else you can restart the channel by exiting out the Spectrum TV app. You can also try logging out your Spectrum account, and reinstalling the app to log in again.
  • In case if the issues still persist you can also reboot the whole device along with the Router.

WUC-1002 Error

In case if you receive any entitlement error, ensure if the channel you wish to stream comes under your scheme. At times the resolution or subtle changes may also throw such exceptions. In order to resolve the WUC-1002 error, you can ensure if the channel is properly installed. You can also uninstall the existing channel app and reinstall it.

ACr3 Error Code:

When your Spectrum TV app throws the ACr3 error, then you manually need to update the Spectrum cable box. This usually resolves the ACr3 error code issue. These error codes mainly appear when there are high-end firmware or software malfunctions.

Other Errors on Spectrum TV App

Other Spectrum TV Error Code app that may occur while streaming via Spectrum TV app are the Black or Blue screen, Main menu not accessible, instant upgrade inaccessible, Spectrum TV App 3006 error code and few others. You may also come across a few other streaming glitches, like Poor Image Quality, No sound quality.

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