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Why is My Telus Webmail Not Working?

Telus Webmail not Working

Unable to access telus.net webmail?  With good Internet connection and updated browser, is still your Telus webmail not working? If you find yourself sailing in the similar boat then, here is a brief troubleshooting guide for you.

Solution for Telus Webmail not working

When the Telus webmail site is up but you cannot access the webmail page, follow the given troubleshooting steps:

Start with checking browser related problems

✔   Go for a hard refresh of the webpage. 
✔   You can do this by pressing ctrl+F5 key at the same time from your computer on the browser. 

Note: This step is generally applicable for browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, explorer etc

✔   Clear all the cache and cookies on your browser.
✔   Also, make sure you are using the most updated version of your browser
✔ Try to use common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or internet explorer.
✔   In case you still can’t login Telus webmail page, try to sign in from a different browser window.

If lost your telus.net webmail password and can’t proceed further then, read this guide to fix this problem: forgot Telus.net webmail login password

 In case the browser issue checks out go for DNS settings

This is a service usually provided by your internet service provider.  Sometimes this DNS address creates problem leading to Telus.net webmail problems or telus webmail not working.In that case:

✔   Start with clearing all the local cache files to make sure that your grabbing the most recent file provided by your ISP
✔   Open command prompt from the windows start menu
✔   Type the command ipconfig/flushdns and hit ENTER.
✔   Note that this step might vary according to your operating system
✔   In case you are accessing your office internet to open Telus webmail from 3G network , it is advisable that you try to access a different IP address.

Having trouble while sending or receiving Telus mails then, read this guide: 
Can't send or receive email on Telus Webmail

In Case You Have Other Problems

·         In case you can't even access the page it could be that your account is not registered or you are entering incorrect credentials while you trying sign in Telus.net webmail
·         In case your account hasn't been activated you need to activate your account
·         For this, click on ‘activate now’ option to complete the registration process.
·         Then confirm your email address to activate your account·        
Check your login credentials carefully as, the user id and password are case sensitive.
In case, you have made 5 unsuccessful attempts to login to your account, it will get automatically closed.

Carefully follow the above mentioned steps to resolve telus webmail page not working issue. For more information or guidance, contact email login support at 1-855-500-8462

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