Respiratory care devices market - Key insights about it


The respiratory care devices market report helps to provide a thorough analysis of the whole market and according to it, the complete market is expected to touch approximately US$30 billion by the year 2025 with a compounded annual growth rate of -12.5%. The respiratory care devices market used to witness a good compounded annual growth rate in the previous years. The growth of this particular market is mainly because of the high prevalence of these kinds of diseases, rising aged population, high prevalence of smoking-related habits and increasing pollution levels across the globe.


 -The key drivers of the Market: Because of the increasing number of infectious respiratory diseases the demand of this particular market has significantly grown and because of this, the demand of personal protection equipment along with ventilators has also increased. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for ventilators has further increased and there has been increased industrial as well as governmental support to drive out the pace of manufacturing.

-The restrains of this particular market: A lot of patients have to rely on the reimbursement to receive these kinds of treatment which is a very big restraint throughout the process of growth. It is considered to be a very big challenge that lack of reimbursement poses and the majority of countries have negligible reimbursement coverage for the respiratory care devices.

-The opportunities for this market: Rapid growth of this particular market along with increasing geriatric population and increasing cases of chronic diseases has led to several kinds of cost advantages to the hospitals. The high growth potential of the emerging markets is also expected to provide significant growth opportunities to the players in this particular market. A large number of patients also suffer from chronic respiratory diseases and similar trends are expected to increase in the coming years. A lot of people are also shifting towards home care settings in the cases of respiratory diseases.  

 -The challenges of this particular market: Despite several kinds of growth opportunities still this market is exposed to several kinds of challenges. This concept is very well evident in the developing economies because of the lack of awareness about such diseases and unavailability of adequate resources on time.


Depending upon the product based category the inhalers are expected to achieve the highest compounded annual growth rate in this particular market. The high incidence of asthma is also a driving factor in this market. Depending upon the indication COPD holds the largest share in this particular market which has been followed by asthma and other infectious diseases.
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Depending upon the end-users hospitals are considered to be the largest occupier of this particular market share and depending upon the region Asia Pacific market is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. These kinds of regions are also analyzed at the country levels and North America holds the largest share of the respiratory care devices in this market which is followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific.


Hence a comprehensive overview of the respiratory care global market report has been mentioned above to give a detailed insight into several aspects.