Monday, September 25, 2023
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Responsibility of media on society

Evolution of media

The media is carrying the utmost importance from the very beginning. It plays an important role in spreading right and authentic information to the people and no bias information is accepted. But over the years the media people have become more money minded and hence they show the news to the audience of the person who gives them money. We are am not talking about all media companies but many of them or some of the people working in them are doing this and as it is said that even if one people do wrong from the team then blame will be on the whole team not on that single person and hence this is happening here too. But the daily news journal helps many Companies to know what is going on in the corporate world and also help them to make corporate strategy accordingly.

How social media affected the work

After the beginning of social media, the growth of news portals increased. The uses of it are very easy that is it is user-friendly. It is cost-friendly also as you have no need to go out from the office to meet people and hence the travel expense reduces and no face to face interaction is needed as you are interacting with the people on chats, comments and through your web pages. People who believe any news portals they can directly contact them through their portals. Even the corporate world is getting its benefits a lot as they can make their corporate strategy easily and they can do the same even when they are sitting in their offices so it deducted the step of going out and researching the market which is quite difficult. Local people can also see this daily news journal and get updated on what is going around the world.

The reaction of common people towards this change

People reacting both positively and negatively towards the changes occur in media over the years. The news provided to people is biased sometime hence it creates the feeling of anger and Revenge towards the opposite party or towards the team and for that to which the daily news journal is related to. But on the positive side, they have had also become able to cover more news coverage in a very short period of time and hence will be able to provide more news on different topics to the people. Even corporate strategy making become easy due to the Awareness of daily news journal.

Pros of the evolution of media

As we have discussed above it is beneficial in many ways some of them are listed below.

  • It keeps the world connected through a single platform which gives a chance to express the views also.
  • It also helps the business people to market their products by media and they can also enhance their corporate strategy by showing it to people.
  • Yes, it gives voice to the voiceless that is the people who are just reading the news and are unable to say against or favor of it are now been able to respond.
  • In any democratic country, media plays a very important role to express the views of each and every individual without any biasing.

Cons of the evolution of media

  • When it biases news it can empower the powerful party and will provide wrong information in exchange for money.
  • Before the evolution of media, the culture is localized and the art is centralized to one particular area but now any people at anywhere can adopt the culture of any state because of that the diversity of the country is been decreasing.
  • Even the personal connection which is needed between the people and the media is disconnecting and hence the expression of thoughts may become less in some cases.

Hence, we can say that media evolution is both beneficial and harmful. The only thing that can be done is decreasing the biasing of news through daily news journal and providing right and genuine information to the people after that the belief of people on media will increase and the evolution will become beneficial and fruitful.

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