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Restore the Whiteness of your Towel with these Cleaning tips

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Using a white towel can be dangerous at times; not that it can harm you physically but using a white towel has higher chances of getting dirty. Surely you want to preserve the white and pristine appearance of the towel as it was when you purchased from a wholesale towel supplier in UK. But with time and use, your white towel has changed its color to grey, yellow, brown, pink, red and what not. Moreover, the stains that have settled in your towel looks more of a messy design that can be disgusting at times.

So how will you remove these stubborn stains? Follow these tips and get back your old white towel:

Beauty products including makeup- Your white hand towel often gets stained from powders, foundation, lipstick, lotions or oil. So how will you remove makeup stains? For fresh cosmetic stains, just pour some liquid detergent on the spot, leave for a while and then wash the towel in warm water using a detergent soap. For an old cosmetic stain, make a mixture of hot water, liquid detergent and oxy-based stain remover. Soak the towel for one whole night. Next day, wash in hot water using liquid detergent. You can repeat the process if still the stains remain.

Hair dye- Using a white towel when dying your hair is a strict no-no but sometimes an accident can happen in spite of being careful! If your white towel is recently stained with hair dye, use a shampoo and wash it immediately. For a stubborn dye stain, again soak the towel in warm water mixed with liquid detergent, for an hour or more. The wash the towel in hot water using liquid detergent. For the best results, try soaking the towel in warm water mixed with vinegar and liquid detergent.

Body oil and perspiration- The purpose of using a towel is to remove sweat and body oils, especially after physical activity. Repeated usage can leave your towel full of grime and stains. Apply vinegar on older stains and you can have back your old white towel. For fresh stains, consider using ammonia. Soak the towel in ammonia mixed warm water then rinse it using liquid detergent and finally wash it off in hot water.

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Foods and beverages- While eating or drinking, you may use a towel to wipe your hands and face without realizing that it may stain it. A beautiful white towel may get destroyed with stains from your favorite food and drink. But if you know the right trick, it can be of great help. For recent stains from tea, coffee, juice or wine, soak the towel in cold water and add a few drops of liquid detergent. Leave it for a while then wash it in hot water using oxygen-based products. You can also use powdered sugar on the stained area and later on wash in the usual process.

Toothpaste- You may be surprised to know that toothpaste are really difficult to remove in spite of being soluble in water. But there is no need to worry; use a stain removing product on the stain and leave it for a while. Then wash normally with other clothes in warm water.

Nail polish- Nail polishes are a stubborn stain that cannot be removed easily, even when it drops on your skin accidentally. Similar is the situation when it stains a towel. Use a makeup remover on the stain and keep it for some time. Then wash normally in warm water and see the magic!

Mud- Usually, kids stain the towel when they rub their muddy hands or wipe their not-so-clean feet. If the muddy towel is left like that, the mud will definitely settle and form a stubborn stain. To remove it, first soak the towel in hot water, cleaner having enzymes and liquid detergent, for an hour or more. Make a paste using water and baking soda and apply it on the stain. Lastly, wash the towel in hot water, enzyme cleaner and liquid detergent to have a non-stained towel.

Conclusion- If you want to have a towel that looks similar to luxury hotel towels in UK, you need to know the right cleaning tricks. Have you ever wondered what happens to the used towels in such luxury hotels? Follow the tricks to retain the sheen and glamour of your white towels.

Summary- Maintaining the whiteness of a towel is one of the most difficult jobs. Staining it is nothing unusual but knowing the right removal method is necessary.

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