Resuming Business After Covid 19? Safety Measures Are Crucial!


You are getting back to work after a long time. We know you’d be facing lots of responsibilities and work. But accept the fact that life after the pandemic isn’t going to be the same. And even though the workplaces have reopened after the lockdown and businesses resume again, the danger hasn’t vanished! The chances of you or your employees getting affected because of Coronavirus is still high and proper measures should be taken for everyone’s safety.

Important Safety Measures to Take in Workplaces Post Pandemic Lockdown!

The new normal awaits all of us and we have to get adjusted in living life on these terms for some time (read: years) now. Especially in the commercial spaces, it’s very crucial to follow the safety rules and precautionary measures to stay safe from COVID 19. That’s why you have to keep in mind the below-mentioned guidelines after you reopen post-pandemic lockdown!

  • Clean and Sanitise the Entire Property — Sanitisation is the key factor to prevent and fight coronavirus. And for this, it’s best suggested to clean the entire company property before reopening. You should hire a company offering the best services for commercial cleaning in Christchurch. Christchurch Cleaning Services take upon them to thoroughly clean and sanitise your entire property making it extremely safe and secure for your employees to work around or clients to visit. Also, apart from this cleaning, you should carry out the daily cleaning and sanitation task professionally too. This would surely reduce the chances of any infection in your office and hence you can work safely henceforth.
  •  Maintain Social Distancing — Another important precautionary measure to keep everyone safe after reopening is maintaining social distancing at all cost. Educate your staff about its importance, avoid group meetings, and also install CCTV cameras in the place which keeps you aware of any such gathering happening within your premises.
  • Let the Sick Work From Home — If your workers are sick or have someone at home who’s not keeping well, let them stay and work from home. You can’t endanger everyone’s life just because of one employee. So, to be on a safer side, let them rest until they are completely recovered.
  • Keep Sanitisers Everywhere — Sanitisers are of utmost importance to beat coronavirus. You should ensure that the sanitisers are kept at regular intervals all across space. For example – You should put one outside the elevators, near the gate, in each cabin, canteen, etc. The more you use it, the safer you are.
  •  Use Safety Gears – Make mandatory use of safety gears like masks, gloves, caps or face shields – how much safety gears you should embrace depends upon your work environment and the kind of work that you do.
  • Visit and Work Only if Necessary — Though you are restarting after a long lockdown, ensure your staff comes and works only if it’s too necessary. Since the danger hasn’t subsided, the less outdoor activities are done, the better it is for everyone. You should continue to consider the work from home option.


The recent pandemic is a pretty dangerous attack of nature on humans. And together we are fighting it. But the better we contribute towards its precautions, the stronger our hold becomes in beating it. The above guidelines of opening workplaces after the pandemic are the best precautionary measures that can lower down the COVID 19 risk considerably. Ensure following them all for a safer working environment and employees!


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