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When and why might you need retirement planning advice

If you’re planning for retirement, getting the right retirement planning advice is something you should strongly consider.

With the right wealth manager to guide you, you can establish the best approach towards your retirement, and build your wealth in the most efficient way.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the ways financial planning advice can help you when approaching retirement, and where it might be most useful.

Establishing your retirement goals

Expert advice is crucial for your retirement, as it will help you outline the specific goals you have for the future. More than this, it will also help you take the most effective steps towards reaching these goals as efficiently as possible.

Your adviser will help you create a financial plan that sets your retirement goals as the basis on which to build your approach. This can include goals such as: having a certain amount in your pension pot when you retire, retiring at a certain age, having a particular retirement lifestyle, and preparing to give to the next generation.

Your adviser will also help you refine your goals so that each one is beneficial to your wealth and achievable in terms of your current financial circumstances.

Your adviser then will help you lay out the necessary steps to reach these targets. You can also discuss any concerns or obstacles you might be facing in regards to your current circumstances, so your adviser can factor this into the devised approach.

Optimising the contributions to your pension

Another reason why retirement planning advice is crucial is that it can help you optimise your pension contributions. If you want to build your pension savings as efficiently as possible, a financial adviser could be invaluable to help structure your contributions effectively.

Your adviser will help you navigate any potential tax charges that could affect your pension savings, as well as help you make the most of any allowances.

For example, your adviser can help you manage your lifetime allowance, which is the total amount you can save in your pension while still sheltering your money from tax.

Expert advice like this will help you to grow your wealth efficiently and have as much of your money sheltered from tax as possible to bring you closer to your retirement goals.

Evolving and adapting with your circumstances

Seeking retirement planning advice is crucial for not only devising a clear and effective approach to retirement, but evaluating and evolving this plan as your situation changes.

This is why ongoing advice from your wealth manager could be of benefit, to give you continuous guidance, tailored to your specific circumstances.

There are a variety of things which could impact your plan to build wealth for retirement. This could include something like a change in your career, or the inclusion of a new spouse/financial dependants.

Many external factors could also impact your financial circumstances, such as changes in interest rates and volatile investment markets .

As these changes occur, an adviser can help you review and adjust your retirement plan, so that at every stage you are well placed to build your wealth in an optimal way.

The more flexible and adaptive your approach, the higher chance you have of achieving a successful financial outcome.

Please note, the value of your investments can go down as well as up.

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