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Revitalizing Lifestyle with Faith and Belief

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Summary: Faith and belief are not always bound to religion. It is inner consciousness that may help to revitalize lifestyle, and with yoga, one can do it smoothly. Read the article and know about how yoga revitalizes lifestyle with faith and belief.

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”- Voltaire

The modern time is no less than a big mess with all those hustle and bustle that leads to distortion of health, happiness, and lifestyle. According to experts, most of the health issues today occur due to lifestyle, indeed, which can be revitalized with the holistic approach of yoga.

The age-old practice of the ancient science of life, Yoga is much more than a physical workout regime and is also liable for connecting to the spiritual being, calming the mind, and making us reach to a state of equilibrium. Yoga brings positivity releasing the negative bonds of the past and future, dissolves internal blocks, strengthens the being, and builds self-commitment.

The spiritual experience helps in restoring health and brings tranquillity, but some people still associate yoga with religion and refrain themselves from the opportunity of living a life of wellness. It is true that this ancient art works on faith and belief in order to restore health and revitalize lifestyle, but it is not associated with any kind of religious practices or culture.

Words of Faith

Faith or ‘Shraddha’ (a Sanskrit word) means performing any kind of act with sincerity and dedication. Faith is an act of the heart that takes us beyond or beneath everyday feelings and thoughts. This grounds us in the fundamentals of life and supplies us with the direction of hope and resilience. Likewise, the same faith in the yogic practice and following its principles help to restore health and revitalize lifestyle.

Faith and Yoga

Even today when yoga is one of the trendiest fitness regimes across the world, there are many who have their own suspicion regarding the practice. Originating in India in the divine lap of the Himalayas doesn’t make Yoga Hindu or for that matter, no lesser or greater than any religion. Digging into history, we find that yoga is such a broad term and can’t be accommodated under the roof of religion.

Since this ancient art form took birth in India, it has some influence of Hindu or Buddhist culture like, chanting the mantra like ‘Om’. The sound is to acquire positivity to uplift the practice, not meant to encourage religious practices. It is true that Yoga evolved around the same time as Hinduism but purely designed for living a life of wellness. It is based on faith which is not bounded to religion and is a practice of the body, mind, and soul.

Spiritual Belief not Religion

Spirituality is personal yet universal, and yoga believes so. Many people practice yoga, but the holistic art is beyond physical training and also works towards bestowing peace to the mind and uplifts the soul by connecting you with the spiritual being. It is the journey of meeting the true self, cultivating awareness, attaining a quiet mind and relinquishing control. The same you apply on your lifestyle by turning inward, allowing yourself a moment to taste the bliss of spirituality and this way you acquire the true purpose of yoga.

Dietary Approach

With faith and belief in the self, you gain the power and ability to change your life for better and to support the system one needs to adopt the right eating habit to make the big transformation. The dietary approach is one of the important methods of revitalizing lifestyle with faith in the process and belief on ourselves. With the practice of Ayurveda and following yogic eating habits, the change can be brought into the lifestyle. Learn it during Ayurveda cooking courses in India for more advanced knowledge and practice.

Soulful Getaway for Rejuvenation

The other way to revitalize lifestyle with faith and belief is by going on a soulful yogic getaway and enriching your body and mind amidst the soulful settings of a yoga perfect destination. Pamper yourself with panchakarma treatment in India or other spa therapies. The practice relaxes you, reduces stress and helps to revitalize your lifestyle.

Yoga is like a dance tuning on the music of breath and creating harmony and inner serenity. With a consistent practice, faith and belief you can surely achieve the desired transformation in life and health.



Manmohan Singh Manmohan Singh has been a practitioner of yoga and Ayurveda for the last 12 years. He is managing director of Rishikul Ayurshala, an authentic Ayurveda training institute. The Institute offers Ayurveda courses in Kerala India and Ayurveda cooking classes in kerala India. The institute’s goal is to provide the simplest healing solutions and treatments for multifarious health problems. Apart from the institute management, Manmohan Singh loves to spend time writing, doing photography and traveling.
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