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Ride the Wave of CBD Business Opportunities: 20 Ideas + Tips to Get Started

CBD businesses are mushrooming all over the country. It has risen to become an industry. The CBD industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 32 per cent over the next five years. Experts estimate that it may reach 1251 million US dollars in 2024. There are many business opportunities to consider if you want to grab the opportunity to benefit from this wave.

CBD Business Ideas

1.   Offer CBD Medication Products

CBD has many therapeutic benefits, including reprieve from general discomfort and anxiety, acne management, treatment for epilepsy and muscle spasms. Companies such as Sunday Scaries have successfully established themselves in this field, and you can follow in their footsteps.

You can also sell CBD products as supplements as cannabidiol has anti-oxidation properties which enhance immunity. CBD products have amino acids that also make them a good protein supplement. This business idea will rake in lots of revenue as health supplements, and medication is always on demand.

2. Distributor or Dealer

Working as a distributor means becoming the middleman between the manufacturer and the retailer. The main advantage of this is that you avoid the time and costs of manufacturing the products.

As a dealer, you sign a deal with a producer to sell their products without using their trade name. For your business to succeed, always ensure that you settle for credible manufacturers that create top-notch quality products. Quality will always attract and maintain your customers.

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2.   Extract CBD Concentrate

Dealing in the extraction of CBD is a very profitable business venture. There is a high demand for CBD concentrate, and the supply is low. Always have cannabis and hemp plants readily available. You can extract CBD concentrate and sell it to companies that deal with different cannabidiol products such as beauty products, edible, and creams.

3.   CBD Network Marketing

Network marketing involves person-to-person sales by independent marketers and includes single-tier and multi-level marketing. You need to build a network that will help you in lead generation. To make an additional commission, you can recruit more agents who can also do the same.

4.   CBD Infused Food

When making CBD-infused food, ensure that you source your CBD from trustworthy sellers who sell legal CBD. Food infused with CBD is typical because they are healthy and contain no harmful substances. Always follow FDA regulations and industry-standard practices for your trade to grow and succeed.

5.    Sell CBD Bottles and Containers

Another business idea you should invest in is CBD packaging. This business idea is one of the easiest to begin. You should, however, be ready to meet the strict guiding principles for CBD packaging. Some examples of packaging you can make include containers for edibles, bottles for tinctures and tins.

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6.   Quality Control Inspection

Growers and producers of CBD products must always produce them in compliance with both federal and state laws.  A quality control inspection business needs you to collaborate with government departments and agencies to ensure that growers and processors comply with all regulations. They should produce CBD products that meet FDA’s health and safety standards.

7.   CBD Review and Blogging

Statistics show that most people would buy a product after reading a review from a trusted source. Reviewing CBD and blogging can pay handsomely. You will help people navigate the CBD world by advising them by doing a thorough research and sometimes through experiences. You can also market products from different companies working as a freelancer.

8.   Retail CBD Products

Retailing CBD products is a profitable business venture. It would be best if you first acquaint yourself with the state laws regarding CBD merchandises' selling. In the retail business, you sell to the consumers. Get a license to sell and make your store feel comfortable to all people. Ensure that you meet everyone’s expectations and kill the typecast that cannabis is a drug addict’s thing.

9.   Sell CBD Cosmetics

Begin a beauty and personal care CBD business by making the cosmetics and selling them to dispensaries. You can also buy cosmetics from other people and resell them. CBD cosmetics include creams, face washes, shampoos, face masks, body wash, and lotions. You can also make the products on a large scale and sell them to retailers.

10.             Open a CBD Spa

CBD spa is one of the businesses you can invest in for massive returns. CBD massages are known to reduce the soreness that results from workouts, fatigue, and muscle pain. Getting massages with CBD also treats inflammation of joints. Ensure that you employ qualified massage therapists.

11.             Form CBD Cooperatives

Cooperatives help their members develop their businesses. The members of cooperatives are at most times businesses in the same industry. They promote their business as one and help save on taxation and minimize outgoing expenses. It is essential to discuss how to share the dividends with the members when establishing a cooperative.

12.             CBD Accessories

Selling CBD accessories is one of the untapped resources in the CBD industry. Many CBD users want accessories that match their favorite pastimes and products. You can make the accessories by yourself or buy them and then resell them. Examples of CBD accessories include t-shirts, key holders, capes, earrings, bracelets, and phone covers.

13.             CBD Courier Business

A CBD courier business is one of the easiest and cheapest businesses to establish. It has flexible working hours. In this business, you will deliver CBD products to consumers who cannot go to the dispensary for some reason or another.

14.             Graphic Design

Many upcoming CBD businesses need brand identities to be designed for them. If you have graphic design skills, you can start a freelance business designing logos and websites. It does not consume time and has a flexible working schedule.

15.             CBD Consultant

Suppose you have a lot of expertise up your sleeve in CBD. In that case, you can open a consultancy business and teach CBD businesses about the variety of strains, CBD products, the CBD industry regulations, and processing techniques, among others.

16.             CBD Restaurant

17.             Provide Security Services

Security services provision is a viable business opportunity. Most retailers deal with a lot of money, and they need security against theft. You can also help install CCTVs and alarm systems.

18.             Become a Marketer

Become a marketer to tap into the goldmine that is the CBD industry. With the increasing number of cannabis companies, competition is becoming tight, and companies need marketers to improve their ROI.

19.             CBD Products for Pets

Research has found that CBD has the same effects on both people and pets. They, however, are more sensitive, so you can venture into making CBD products specifically for them. The products can be used on pets with stress or general discomfort.

20.             Offer Legal Services

With the grey area, the industry is in, you can make a kill by offering legal services to CBD businesses. If you’re a lawyer, you can master the laws and help businesses from forming companies to running their day-to-day activities within the law.

Tips to Get Started

1.   Source a Product you are Confident in

When beginning a business, have a plan in place on where you will source quality CBD products. The cannabis should have been grown in the US and meets all the FDA regulations. Ensure that your products' source has a Certificate of analysis and performs third-party testing on their products.

2.   Stay in Touch with Laws and Regulations

For a prosperous CBD trade, you should always prove obedience to all federal and state laws. Get licenses for your business and have a certificate of analysis. Federal laws restrict CBD to less than 0.3 percent THC levels, while some states have banned CBD derived from marijuana plants. Conversing yourself with these laws will keep you out of trouble.

3.   Plan your Business

The most important thing when starting a business is planning. A solid business plan will ease your way out of many obstacles that hinder the new business. Analyze the market carefully, pick your brand name. Determine your financing before going out into the market. You should also have a realistic marketing plan.

4.   Create a Website

Establish an online presence by creating a high-functioning website. Customize the design of your website, add products and descriptions, and upload product photos. You can also optimize your site by the use of on-site content and guest posts.


The CBD industry has opened many opportunities directly within the CBD industry and to other related industries. Depending on your passion, you can choose from any of these ideas and invest in them.

For your CBD business to succeed, ensure you do proper diligence and use creativity. Stand out against your competition by selling quality products that comply with all regulations. You can be overwhelmed at first, but when the rewards will be worth it.

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