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Right Age To Become Pregnant And Have Last Child

A woman should preferably become pregnant before 30 because she usually does not experience health complications.  After 32, years the fertility gradually begins to decline as enough eggs are not produced in the ovary. Usually, a married woman can easily become pregnant usually just within 3 months if she is young. But, after completing 35, years, the chances of becoming pregnant within 3 months are just 12%. Yet, many women deliver a healthy baby after 35 also. But, they should follow some important tips to remain healthy. Doctors or gynecologists do not specify any ‘best age’ to get pregnant.  If both of them are ready to become parents, they can plan accordingly. But, fertility declines with age and a woman above 35 years experiences health complications.

Right age to become pregnant

If a woman was pregnant for the first time in her early 20’s, then she can plan for the last baby before 30. During her early 20’s, she could produce more eggs, but the chances of fertility are declining now. So, after 30 years, fertility begins to decline gradually. But, if a woman had her first pregnancy after 25, years, then she should plan for the last baby before 30 years or 32 years. Woman is not able to produce enough eggs after this age. But, yet she can deliver a healthy baby if she follows healthy dietary pattern during pregnancy. Some women are pregnant for the first time in their 30s, but they still want to become pregnant again. Such women should preferably become pregnant before 35 because fertility begins to decline drastically. The rate of egg production drops drastically and at 37, only 25,000 eggs are produced. The chances of conception after 3 months of sex are just 12%. After 35 years, the risks of miscarriages increase and genetic abnormalities also begin to rise. So, a woman who is pregnant after 35 years should preferably undergo additional screening.

pregnant women

Woman after 35

The right age to have a last baby is 35 years. After 40 years, a woman cannot easily become pregnant. The chances for becoming pregnant within 3 months of mating are just 7%. A woman in her 40’s usually experience many types of health complications such as premature birth, C-section delivery, still birth, birth defects etc. So, a woman should constantly meet the doctor.

Many women are pregnant after 30 or 35 years and they fear complications that may arise during pregnancy. So, they need emotional support from their friends and if they join an online forum, they can discuss such problems. They can learn from the experiences of other women who were pregnant after 35 years or more. So, they can borrow several useful tips from them and learn from their experiences.

So, you should carefully decide when you have your last child so that you are prepared for it. A woman should be mentally prepared to have a baby so that she can boldly experience labor. If a woman is knowledgeable about parenting and child care, then she can always lead a happy life.

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