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Tips to choose the right Kilt

If you are a regular customer of kilts then you must aware of the fact that choosing the right kilt is a hard nut to crack. Because it is not just a simple dress to put on! It is the symbol of culture, tradition, and history and, hence, you must be careful in the choice of kilts. Here we are to provide you the best tips to choose the right kilt.

1. The choice of Tartan

The choice of tartan must be started from the clan name as it is the sweat song for everyone to sing. If you do not like the tartan of your own clan, look at the tartans of different districts and select the one you like. If you do not want to go with the flow of the water you can select the tartan of your own choice whether from other clans or from universal tartans. Universal tartans are specially made for that purpose to fulfill modern fashion such as Irish Tartan.

2. The selection of kilt

The selection of kilt is very important as it is the kilt that decides the look of your personality. There are different weights available in kilts as well as sizes. Normally people go with the 13oz weight because it is considered medium weight but the 16oz weight is the best one. This is the quality weight of the kilt, especially for the official gatherings.

3. Accessories

It is not just the kilt that needs so much attention but the selection of accessories is also important. Using of kilt without proper accessories is like you have a body without a soul. The important accessories for good kilt are shirt & tie, kilt pin, flashes, brogues, belt & buckle, and Sgian Dubh. These accessories are very important to create a magical impression of the kilt.

4. Selecting a jacket and shirt

Selection of a jacket is very hard because to choose the one that can match with shirt waistcoat, socks, and sporrans, among many are never be an easy task. The Prince Charlie jacket is the best to wear with a number of combinations. For example, you can wear a black tie dinner, balls, and weddings. Secondly, it can be worn with three button waistcoat and black bow tie as well as with plain black shirt. It is best suited with the black watch tartan kilt. The Sherrifmuir jacket, the Regulation doublet, the Montrose jacket, and the Kenmore doublet are among the best one which offers a lot of combinations.

5. How to wear a kilt

•    The fundamental rule to always keep in mind is: the folds go in the back, and not in the front! But one must also know how to choose the right length: in an upright position, the final part of the kilt must reach just above the knee.

•    And then depending on a case, a t-shirt, a polo shirt or a shirt! On casual occasions you should not miss the belt and the sporran, a classic "purse" hanging on the front (used to store keys, wallet, and cell phone as the kilt has no pockets).

•    Socks! Obviously long up to below the knee, with a turn-up, possibly in a solid color and, in the right leg, a sgian dubh, the traditional knife that was used to kill animals but now has a purely decorative purpose. The shoes complete the clothing:

•    In short, there are a whole series of "indications" to follow to dress the kilt in all possible situations, but in the end, good taste is always mandatory.

Last Words

You must be aware of the fact that the selection of the kilt needs real attraction. It is not a casual dress but the reflection of the society and, hence, so much cares and attention is required from your part to create the real impression of the kilt in the fashion circle.

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