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Rogue 5E Class Guide

When it comes to learning about the DND Rogue 5E class features, there's a great multiply available here. If you want to learn all about it, then you need to go through the entire article to the very end. It's as follows:


Rogues have a lot of different options with regards to their armor. The Rogues can use medium armor or heavy armor. You can further modify your armor by equipping various bonuses and items, too. For example, when you're wearing heavy armor, you'll have a high defense against normal attacks and critical hits. The Rogue 5E spec is well-defended in combat and thus has a high chance of dealing out great damage.


Another feature of the Rogue 5E is its stealth. They can remain in Stealth without moving while they execute their combat skills and take down their opponents. Only their targets may spot them and any others who are far away from where they remain unaware of their existence. A Rogue that knows how to use its talents to its maximum level can really make things go smoother in combat.

Sneaky Style:

Rogues don't have the best weapons or armor, but thanks to their stealth they do have a lot more advantages over other classes in DND. The Rogue's sneak attack is one of those advantages. Their sneak attack is a powerful ability that allows them to deal out incredible amounts of damage without showing their faces. The Rogue's damage dice for the sneak attack is also exceptional and adds up to very high damage. This makes the Rogue's hit-and-take mechanic very effective.

Rogue's greatest offensive weapon:

The Rogue's greatest offensive weapon is their sneak attack. Whenever they attack an enemy without being seen the Rogue deals bonus damage on every hit. This bonus damage then helps the Rogue increase their chance to score a critical hit. With all these advantages the Rogue really makes up for lacking damage-dealing capabilities with their superior armor, weapons, and skill tree. A Rogue can be a deadly damaging threat during combat.

Armor Proficiency:

Rogues do not lack armor. While they lack in hit points a Rogue can pack a punch due to their proficiencies in the armory. Every Rogue class has access to Heavy Armor, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor. Rogue's proficiencies with each give them an advantage during combat. Being proficient in Heavy Armor increases the Rogue's chance to score a critical hit, and Heavy Armor also protects them from nasty attacks that other characters can dish out.

Skill Tree:

The Rogue 5E class features vary according to the path you choose to take. In each path the Rogue has 3 class features; Escapes Artist, Blinding Powder, and Dazzling Shots. The Rogue can specialize in any one of these three class features depending on which path you take. Every class can specialize in a few of these class features. A Rogue with the Escapes Artist proficiencies can learn how to dodge attacks, get away from attacks, and use objects against opponents.

Rogue class features:

These rogue class features give rogues several different ways to cause death and destruction in combat. All of these proficiencies can cause diseases, toxins, and even hit points. The rogue is a master of improvisation and stealth. Any one of these traits makes rogues very difficult to fight against. When playing a Rogue the player needs to be alert, fluid, and creative all at the same time.

The Rogue's Stealth feature can make them very hard to detect during combat. Anybody can spot a Rogue because they have an effective tactic for getting past most forms of defense. The Rogue can employ their teamwork through teamwork spells and potions to make them more effective. This archetype allows rogues to be both spellcasting and sneaking around at the same time.

Rogue 5E Classes & Leveling

Rogue is the ultimate class you can choose if you want to play a tough, combatant, and resourceful character. The Rogue is a wonderful class to play because they can handle themselves in most situations and because they have a great deal of versatility. They are an excellent choice, and this article will help you level your Rogue quickly and easily. If you have trouble leveling your other classes, this is definitely a step in the right direction.


The Rogue 5E Class Features all have the highest base ability score. This means that this ability score is one of the main factors in determining how much a class can do. Rogues can do things other than just steal from people. They can also wear armor and use gadgets like locks and torches. Because thieves' tools proficiency bonus adds to the ability score a Rogue using weapons other than their guns can also be used in combat.

The starting equipment for a Rogue 5E builds around the two-weapon fighting style that every Rogue starts with. Every level up you will receive a new set of starting equipment. You can choose from rapiers, wands, staffs, and daggers. These items are acquired through loot or crafting.

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