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Role of Commercial Litigation Lawyers During the Great Pandemic

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As the Covid-19 has taken over the world and an atmosphere of uncertainty has overshadowed out lives, a surge in commercial litigation issues is bound to happen. Since the businesses are closed for so long and facing some major financial crisis, the disputes among shareholders, partners, over construction license, bankruptcy, or any other likewise issues will be coming up more often. 

Just like any other domain, the legal industry has also been affected by the blow of the pandemic. Some of the lawyers are gradually getting back to work while most of them are choosing to work remotely. Likewise, some clients and business ventures are getting back to the normal while of them will take more time to get started, thus, the pandemic has entirely reshaped our lives and the way things were done. The role of commercial litigation lawyer has also become more evident during the pandemic. Here is how it is going to work:

What does a commercial litigation lawyer do?

Let’s have a general overview of what commercial litigation lawyers do. Commercial litigation basically helps to cover the disputes between the companies. It is a broad term that covers all the legal issues related to businesses. Commercial litigation lawyers represent the company’s financial interests in the disputes. They protect the company’s rights and helps them to get out of all the business-related issues aptly.

When you contact a commercial litigation lawyer, they analyze your case. Ask you bunch a of questions relating to the matter and help you choose the best legal options that best suits your scenario. A lawyer can also manage all your legal matters on your behalf such as preparing contracts, forming responses to other parties’ complaints, negotiating with the lawyer of another party, presenting your case in court, or appealing the case if negotiation fails, etc. Therefore, if you have a business venture on a large scale, a commercial litigation lawyer is bound to be on board with you.

Role of Commercial Litigation Lawyer During the Pandemic:

The global lockdown has brought everything to a sudden pause that has resulted in a lot of legal issues. Here are what commercial litigations lawyers have been dealing with since the coronavirus outbreak took over the world:

  • Event Cancellations Compensations:

All the live in-person events such as concerts, tournaments, matches, and much more have been canceled until any further notice, owing to the uncertainty of the situation. Therefore, fans and audiences have been claiming for the refunds and compensations ever since then and filing cases against the ticket sellers, thus, creating a whole new legal battleground. Commercial litigation lawyers have proven to be lifesavers for the event managing companies and have helped them get out of such outrageous situations and settle all the legal issues seamlessly.

  • Education Sector:shallow focus photography of books

Since the duration of the outbreak is not known, all the educational institutes are planning to commence the fall semester remotely. Therefore, there is a great potential for a rise in legal issues regarding the tuition fee or hostel fee. The demand for a commercial litigation lawyer is surely going to rise in the education sector. 

  • Contracts:

The COVID-19 has made the performance of companies nearly impossible or even impractical. Many distribution chains are struggling to keep their contract intact with the other companies to survive this pandemic. Since the businesses have gone from survival phases to recovery modes, the number of breached contracts is surely going rise, which in turn calls for the involvement of litigation lawyers. The companies' performances and their contracts with other business ventures are majorly dependent on the spread of the coronavirus. Commercial legal issues will be surging in the near future. 

  • Consumer Complaints:

The coronavirus outbreak has given rise to a whole new market that focuses on the production of sanitary products and gears used against virus protection such as face masks, protective shields, etc. While, some of them have been genuinely beneficial whereas, others have just taken it as an opportunity and have fooled the customers with false marketing. Therefore, such false claims have resulted in consumer complaints that in turn call for a commercial litigation lawyer. 



With so many contracts and postponed events hanging in the middle are bound to give rise to the legal issues in the commercial domain. The lawyers are not just helping companies resolve such issues currently but will have to play an even more significant role once the pandemic is over and life gets back to normal!

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