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Roofing Insurance Claims: What You Need To Know

As a proactive homeowner, it is better to get a roofing Insurance claim on time to prevent additional expenses on roof damages. Roof insurance claims are not a problem and can be handled properly when it comes to specialists in roofing.

Roofing insurance claims are pertinent when it comes to reducing the financial impact of a deteriorated or damaged roof. Sometimes, homeowners get frightened, discouraged or intimidated by the whole insurance process but this article will highlight the things you need to know about Roofing insurance claims.


An Insurance claim, once broken down in bits, is easy to understand. There’s a difference between a ‘warranty' and an ‘insurance'. Your roofing insurance, when quoted well by a good contractor, covers the cost of repairs, while a warranty covers errors due to installation or mere factory defects. Also, an insurance company may also pay for the costs not covered by the warranty.


Companies that specialize in Roofing will point out the necessity of documentation. The extent of the damage should always be documented. This documentation required is to be done by a technical expert.

Factors That Affect Roofing Insurance

If you have a roofing Insurance claim already or plan to get one, you need to know the factors that can affect your roofing Insurance because not all homeowners who file roofing insurance claim get their applications approved. You’re probably wondering why. Here is a list (with an explanation)of some factors that determine whether you will get your roofing insurance claim approved or not:

  1. Roof Maintenance

How often do you inspect your roofing structure? This factor is imperative because if insurance providers for roofing find out that your lack of maintenance led to your roof's damages, your insurance claim may be rejected.

  1. Roof Age

Have you ever considered how old your roof is? Insurance providers assess this factor and some don’t cover roofs that have lasted ten years and above. Why? This is because as the years go by, the age of the roof determines the amount of wear and tear it will sustain.

  1. Natural Disasters

Roofing Companies cover unpreventable, unavoidable damages. So, if your home gets into any natural disaster like a hailstorm, torrential rain or hurricane, then filing a hail damage claim or any other natural calamity is a way to reimburse almost all the losses happening to your roof. Damages that are out of your control can be covered.

  1. Home Location

The location of your home matters and may determine whether you can have access to an insurance claim. Some homes are situated where weather is harsh which may affect the condition of your roof with time.

  1. Roof Materials

Roof installation using cheap roofing materials may affect your access to an insurance claim. This is because these materials are more liable to damage.

  1. Roof Type

Different roofs have different resistance to extreme winds. The hip roof is more resistant to wind than the gable. This factor may also be considered because roof type determines if your roof will last longer.

Filing a roofing Insurance claim

Here are some quick things to know when you want to file a roofing Insurance claim.

  • You’ve to take pieces of evidence of the roof damage.
  • Know what the roofing Insurance covers.
  • Most importantly, hire professionals at a roofing Colorado Springs who cover help you out with the insurance details.

Insurance is always going to be an ideal way to protect your home and your property. The premiums may seem much but you'll know the value when an unforeseen occurrence strikes.

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